Have some questions on how to deal with phimosis

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hi, I'm a 16 year old in the US, with phimosis. I have been treating it for stretching for 2 months and I used steroids for the first month of treatment. i have seen progress from not being ablw to see the head when flaccid to now being able to see about half the head when flaccid, and just the meatus when erect. however i have some questions.

I dont know if i have fenulumbreve or not how do i tell? i can retract the foreskin about 75% of the way but when i roll it back up it sort of goes in on itself and then i have to fish out the ends to stretch it again. does it roll in like that because of a tight frenulum or because of the phimosis?

also It was way easier and faster when i used the steriod creem but i stopped using it because my doctor told me not to use it for more than a month. but there is nothing on the packaging that says it cant be used for more than a month and i dont know if i can trust my doctor sense he barley looked at it before telling me i needed a circumsion and kept pushing for me to get one when i was hesitant.? do cortoreal steriods have side effects? (havent noticed anything obvious yet)

I want another profesional opinion but the more i read about it the more i think most doctors will tell me to get circumsised and not be open to other opions. so how could i find a doctor that will seem to care?

can most cases of phimosis be cured I've read that the later the age the less chance there is, but im only 16?