Frenulum breve and phimosis?

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Hey Jim,

I've been following this forum for a bit and appreciate the advice given here! I started stretching my foreskin a few weeks ago and think I already made some progress. Still, I'd like to clarify my current conditions and which approach I should use best to tackle it.
Please find pictures of my condition in this album:

I've been to 2 different doctors and had them have a look (I did some research on my own beforehand, too). The first one said I'd suffer from a form of paraphimosis and there is no way around getting cut, as there is scar tissue which builds the tight band or circle around the penis and this would only get tighter and tighter the older I get. He didn't say anything about the frenulum.
The second doctor diagnosed only the frenulum breve and recommended frenuloplasty on that. He did not say anything about a phimotic band.

Sooo, here I am, not wanting to lose my foreskin. However, the current condition can be painful during sex and I want to do something about it. I'm in my mid-twenties right now and thought that I'd be able to somehow ignore it, but it doesn't work.

I already bought Phimocure but I feel like I should work on the frenulum first.

I saw the picture on how to stretch the frenulum (pull it away from he glans), but I'm not sure if it works if I do it like that. Is there another way to stretch the frenulum?

Any advice would be appreciated!