Willow Springs - Big Willow track success!

Post about that time that WifiLapper worked for you. Optionally post your WFLP files so people can take a look.
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10 Jun 2016, 22:41 #1

Thought I would share our most excellent SpeedFreq results from our race last weekend at WSIR.

We used our Moto G (Verizon) phone with OS 5.1 on it, attached to our IOIO OTG board for both charging and telemetry from our non-OBDII car. We also set up the IOIO GPS running at 5HZ with an externally mounted antenna.

The Wifi router setup consisted of 2 Wirelessly bridge Linksys WRT54G routers with DD-WRT, outfitted with 9dB omnidirectional antennaes. We spaced the routers as far apart as reasonable along the main straight:


Our pit was behind the S/F line, near Pit Out, which was just opposite the upper red dot in the picture. This allowed for Car/Pitside connections after it passed the S/F line, which resulted in consistent laptimes and fully telemetry within seconds of the car passing by.

SpeedFreq was actually more reliable than our radio communications in the car!

Here are some of the results obtained directly from the computer in the Hot Pits:

Best Laps on Sunday:

Telemetry from the IOIO board:

And here you can see the limitations of our fuel gauge. We ended up running out of fuel at the very last of this graph - really hard to tell being that the fuel level is actually going UP....