Chumpcar at Watkins, May 2014

Post about that time that WifiLapper worked for you. Optionally post your WFLP files so people can take a look.
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ran wifilapper for the 3 days. On day 1, had some bluetooth issue (I use the Bluetooth GPS helper app and a Dual 160 GPS at 10Hz). It seems the helper lost connection to the GPS, which then freezes the wifilapper display screen. I had to restart the app at the next pit stop.
I was sampling 4 IOIO channels, and only the brake channel wasn't recorded on the first two days. I think that may have been the only channel with a transformation, so I'm going to take that out next time.

On Day 3, all was working well, except my phone battery was dead at the start of the race, and had a hard time charging and doing all the work. We did get lots of good data through the weekend, though. The orientation correction of the g-forces seems to work well. Here's a sample clip

I'm attaching the database from the last day--sorry, I had to use 7zip, because windows zip resulted in a file twice as big, which is too big for this forum. Ignore the 20 second test-mode laps at the end of the file!
I got very good wifi connection times.

Next race, the phone will be a Galaxy S3, I'm going back to 10Hz sampling max, no IOIO transformations, new accelerator data smoothing coefficient, bigger readout for the 'Lap Timer' speedometer style. If all goes well, I'll release as version 1.39.
watkins day 3.7z
telemetry from day 3
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