Pitside/App: Scriptable IOIO outputs

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This is a super-future task, but jawillis and I think it'd be really cool if you could script IOIO outputs. It'd be even cooler if you could script them in pitside, then transmit the script to the phone during a race. Cool doesn't mean 'safe' or 'smart', but it'd be sooo awesome.

Imagine active aero:

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if(accel < 0 or abs(latGs) > 0.4) // if we're braking or turning...
  runOutput(14,true); // put wing to maximum angle of attack
  // going straight or accelerating...
  runOutput(14,false); // put wing to maximum flatness for max speed
Of course, this would be an advanced feature on top of an already-advanced feature (the IOIO), so this is uber-low-priority.

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24 Jul 2012, 23:12 #2

Fans could be turned on based on temperature, etc. I see this being a really useful feature for the future.

The feature request list is growing so fast. And I haven't even submitted all mine yet.

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I am strongly in-favor of this feature as a dream feature (i.e. not anytime soon). Other possible uses:
- start/stop camera recording when entering track area
- incorporate driver-feedback devices other than the android touch screen (warning lights, buzzers, LED bar-graph displays)

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Very cool, but not sure I'd want to run anything mission critical off of it like fans or anything in case it goes down or batttiery drain. Or whatever.