Phone: Tap phone to change speedometer style

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I don't see a way to change the speedometer style once the race has started.

Maybe tap an icon to cycle through the Speedometer styles once the race has started. Most likely everyone wil have the mounted towards the center of the car, so move the current icons to the right and make the Speedometer style icon in the top left, so it is closest to the driver.

Also can you add documentation either via FAQ or in PitSide Help that explains each speedometer style?


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13 Jul 2014, 02:03 #2

There is already a function assigned to tapping the screen once the race has started:
if the car is stopped, it resets the 'best' lap time
it acknowledges a message sent to the phone from pitside.

The speedo styles are documented under 'general features' on the wifilapper site: