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WifiLapperDev wrote:
jawillis wrote:
WifiLapperDev wrote: Online track maps are probably a non-starter, at least from my perspective:
1) Would require a data plan for your racing phone
2) Would require the track to have data reception
3) [most importantly] Would require me to spend money. "Spend money, make money" doesn't really apply here since I'm no longer making any money.
4) Would require me to make a website that actually functions well. As a java/C++ guy, this is beyond my skillset. If someone else wants to set it up though, I'm all for it.
1) track data could be downloaded beforehand or provided via pitside
2) same as above
3) why would you need to spend money? There are free alternatives to just about everything.
4) If the track data was simply a list of start/finish and split points, then it could could be any old web page that's parsed for the information. The page URL could be configurable and default to a page on the wifilapper info site. Adding a track to the online db is the tough part...
1,2,4 - True.

3: I'm assuming that a server with a static IP that permits users to submit their track data from their phone would cost some amount of cash. We could just have a static webpage that they download and we manually update it, but it'll be hard to keep up with every track configuration and every little dirt track or oval on the planet.
My mind keeps returning to as the online db. It solves the requirements of:
- reliable
- longterm availability
- user editable (without requiring login)
- may even be automatically update-able -
- data retrieval/parsing may be streamlined though the API interface

Plus, I think the track data has enough value to warrant storage in a public information-store like Wikipedia.