The truth about Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection

The truth about Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection

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The earth shook, the rocks broke and tombs opened and many men and women who had died came back to life again. They left the cemetery and went into the city and appeared to many people there. - Matt. 27:51-53


<img alt="ZombieX.jpg" src=" ... ombieX.jpg">




<img alt="ZombieX1.jpg" src=" ... mbieX1.jpg">


<strong>Zombies walked the earth following the crucifixion of the Christ! No Really!</strong>


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<strong>After the crucifixion, Supernatural warfare tore apart the Roman Provinces. Zombie hordes attacked Jerusalem in search of the Corpse of the Christ. The Disciples were under Siege as the Undead tore apart the countryside and an unlikely Hero, LAZARUS THE IMMORTAL, emerged to combat the Legion of Death!</strong>


<img alt="ZombieX3.jpg" src=" ... mbieX3.jpg">


<strong>Then, the Christ self transformed ... into Zombieness, and hence made it so he can make us Live Forever if, and only if, we Eat his Flesh, Drink his Blood and Vow upon to him we accept him as our Zombie Master/Saviour so he can then, and only then, remove from our Soul an Evil Force present in All humans because of a Rib-Woman, once convinced by a Vicious Talking Snake to eat some Fruit from a Magical tree that stood in a Greenery!</strong>

<strong>So it was written......</strong>

<strong>And we celebrate this every year, we call it Easter.</strong>

<strong>The End</strong>

with thanks to R.Liefeld/DocS

All You Zombies

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- it is not what we (think we) know that matters, it is what we can show true that does
as the maxim demands; truth is demonstrably fact and fact is demonstrably true
everything else ... mere BS -

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Examine the evidence.

A man with no knowledge of science walking and talking to fossels.

I hope you have a good time JVH convincing clams who became humans.