if the Jews rule one day it is because of this

if the Jews rule one day it is because of this


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a Jew in the Bible is one who has experienced the circumcision of the heart...........but who understands such speech? NOBODY till they experience it

once you do, several things happen: FIRST OF ALL you realize that this experience is destined for everyone in due time.............some people just have it sooner than others and maybe some people have it and nobody can help them because it is a spiritual experience and they don't know where to turn with it so they turn to someone and find themselves getting meds or being locked up:

some people begin to realize that this is an experience that will not let up and it means to do something in them...........these people become the writers of the Bible and scriptures.....

I explained this to someone else today and will post it here as well show why I have been writing of my understanding of the Bible for 18 years....

I am going to explain this plainly against a feeling that it might cause more confusion than help #1 [-]

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My Recent Posts but this is the truth as I know it, so why not speak to of it plainly:

something happened to me 18 years ago that only the Bible could explain. Now, after the fact, I realized that the reason the Bible explained it is because the writers of the Bible had the "SAME EXPERIENCE". The Bible gave it a language which if I had gone to a doctor or others for help, I may have been locked up or mediated beyond recognition. But since I was already a believer or Christian, the experience made sense in terms of what the prophets and apostles also experienced.

by the way, I didn't relate to the prophets and apostles the first 26 years of being a believer but I didn't think anyone ever would or could for that matter. I felt they were unique beings who were given these experiences but I didn't even think of it deeper than this.

once my own experience began, I realized ONLY through the beliefs that I held, that I was perceiving something I had only read about in the Bible and didn't really even CARE to understand. Like how many people want to have the apostle Paul's experience after he was apprehended by Jesus? I don't know anyone standing in line.

anyway, because of the writings of the Bible, I slowly understood how to give this experience that would have taken me to the looney bin or put on heavy meds a language, an expression. Once I discerned that this lack of light and this huge empty pit and void that opened up within me was described in the Bible as what happens after the Lord comes, I began to do what the Bible says I should do at a time like this......

SPEAK THE WORD to reset my inner experience of "self" which completely disapeared for the next three years..........where I could not look within and find any thoughts......

and I could not feel my body unless I moved.............my spirit was not in my body except a wee small bit of it to keep me alive.............most of it was ABOVE MY HEAD.........hence the single eye that opens in us so we see from a transcendant point of view:

If I had gone to the doctor and said, I have a huge emptiness in my head: I can't hold any thoughts..........nothing forms in me..............and when I look inside where I used to IMAGE MY LIFE, it is a deep pit like the grand canyon ONLY THICK BLACKNESS..............I sense I could fall in it and dispear forever.........

Im pretty sure nobody could have helped me


it gave my experience a voice

it taught me how to RESET MY THINKING PATTERNS According to the WORD in my mouth

thats another thing that happened at this time.............I COULD NOT THINK

but I could speak my mind into existence.......meaning I spoke the WORD from somewhere inside of me..................not even from reading it

and as I would speak............my mind would feel some life

but soon the life was gone again and again and again............PITCH BLACK DARKNESS and no senses of my body being real at all.......always seeing from above it

yet when I would go in my room, shut the curtains, lay on the floor and shut my eyes real tight...............something in me would begin to speak............and as I would speak............not from my mind but from a deep deep place within.............I could feel my mind start to feel life.......meaning it was in complete blackness and thick darkness that could be FELT IN MY BONES

after a few months I began to feel a separation in me.........................the darkness continued.............but another part of me started praising God.............and couldn't stop...........literally for 12 hours a day I could not stop singing and praising.........and the darkness would alternate with this praise in my mouth........always I could get rid of the darkness by going into the darkness and shutting my eyes real tight and seeing the vision I was given during the enterance of the experience

I clung to the visions as well since they also helped me to understand the words I was speaking from deep inside of me.........and I realized in due time that this was all WRITTEN DOWN ALREADY

it took me three years to put the visions and the speaking and the Bible as the COMPLETE explanation for what was happening to me.......together

once I did that, I was given a concordance from someone and led by the spirit to read the book of Jonah and understand it in Hebrew............and so my journey of judgment by the WORD began

this is why I understand it

it built the inner me up again

after destroying it completely to where I would have been completely insane if I had not come to grasp what was happening in me

so, I know that all the writers came to this "ENDING" of their first lives or what they considered themselves to be

this ending was so COMPLETE that the only thing they could do is write down the VISIONS and then let these and the "words" that came from them HELP THEM TO BE renewed, hence the terms of the Bible came by experience of the UNKNOWN

now I will explain why these things were written in metaphor over time and hidden by the people who had these experiences............

they knew it was going to happen to everyone because of the way it happened to them and they wanted to leave a language behind that would help others when they came upon this experience.....

they didn't have a CHOICE in the matter and it happened to enough people so that they knew eventually that it was the experience of COMING TO ANOTHER LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS

they couldn't give it any other voice but maybe today if someone had this experience, they could muddle through it but where would their DEEP INNER VOICE COME FROM???

what words would they use to DEFINE the images they see when this experience begins to happen to them

for instance, the HOLY SPIRIT is experienced as COMPLETE THICK BLACKNESS within........

this is not something that happens because you believe or read about it.........it happens because it happens when LIFE TAKES YOU TO ANOTHER LEVEL even if there were nothing written about it

after my experience, four years later I met a person who had been in and out of prison who had the same experience.............he meditated in prison on no god in particular and came to this experience

it drove him crazy............

he had no frame of reference to explain it and he couldn't RENEW HIS MIND with any kind of "language" so it did him in

well enough

the point is, a JEW is then someone who experienced this and UNDERSTANDS NATURES PURPOSE IN GIVING US THIS EXPERIENCE

and they recognize a FORCE, severe and punishing if one does not grasp the PURPOSE and meaning of this experience as GOD

God then reveals himself to these people in a severe way by taking away who they thought they were

and renews them as the FORCE wants to renew them..........and if they don't catch on........insanity and self anihilation within

this is why it says we don't have a choice once God reveals himself or this FORCE REVEALS ITSELF

the writings of others help give a voice to this force and the force that is recognized as coming against it

the darkness and light within take on a language to give the "MIND" sanity again



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and the Bible gives it a voice

they will call themselves Jews because it is the ONLY voice that makes sense

they will also come to understand that a Jew is not one outwardly or nationally

not the Bible Jew since the first Jew Abraham was a bedeoun sheep herder boy who was from the middle east before any religion

the experience of the inner person gives them these names then because of what the NAMES MEAN

not because they were really people named Abraham David etc

they were people who had experiences and the NAMES came as a result of the experience

so a JEW (PRAISE OF GOD) comes from the experience of having your heart completely REVEALED as darkness that in time kills the body and mind

but if you reveal this heart before your body dies, then you have the chance to RENEW YOUR INNER experience of SELF

but it won't be completely renewed unless YOU GRASP THE PURPOSE OF THE EXPERIENCE

which is to LOVE NATURE, the UPPER force within you.......and OTHERS

if you don't grasp the purpose of the force and experience...............I truly believe you cease to exist and your energy just goes back to the ORIGIN of wherever it came from

no longer giving you consciousness as a separate being


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and it really is that..........knowledge of the unknown

in time however, these people were ridiculed out of making themselves known to others........like is evident with me

heckling is impossible to handle unless you feel VERY SECURE IN THE EXPERIENCE

but if you don't, you will either go away and hide

or you will be killed by those who just dont want to hear it anymore

but you are so sure that others will have this experience that you write about it

hide it in myth

and hope others find it who need it in time

then someone comes along like Constantine who had the experience but also had the POWER TO FORCE everyone to make it a religion

now others have to believe what you experienced and this makes for a really strange world


June 30th, 2011, 2:45 pm #4

the kind and good force within you that eventually helps you deal with and overcome the darkness of the HOLY SPIRIT in you........in other words "HELPS YOU FORM WORDS TO GUIDE YOUR MIND THROUGH THIS MAZE OF DARKNESS AND LIGHT creating a new consciousness.......is what I call JESUS

the LIGHT of MAN

and MAN is what I call this new consciousness that came from the LIGHT, correcting my inner darkness into a NEW LANGUAGE called the WORD

that helped my mind find a frame of reference for EXISTENCE

if that is not understood now

it will be in a future time and place


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Those who have/have had religious experiences may change their lifestyle, be different kinds of people, but usually are reluctant to talk about their experiences because most others do not understand.
..... Compare with Out-of-Body and Near-Death experiences.
..... Clergy very likely never had these kinds of experiences and are liable to "explain" or speculate, even invent belief systems at any time and any place.

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June 30th, 2011, 3:19 pm #6

Truth seems to be subjective.

Or maybe God has a different message for different people, and some make the mistake of thinking that their personal message from God is for everyone?



June 30th, 2011, 3:31 pm #7

and so does anyone who experiences these things since we are all human and subject to the same EXPERIENCES

we all pretty much want the same things on this level (sensual level)

and since we all start out sensual

so if someone, who is like everyone else....experiences a different kind of experience than others relate to

at first they may not think is is universal

but maybe in time, with others who have the same experiences, they REALIZE a synthesis

but I really am tired of trying to explain myself

NOBODY has to believe me

IM NOT in power, not a King, not constantine

I can't FORCE myself on anyone

get over the need to try to make me seem absolutely insane

which by the way would be cruel if you really believed I was

or consider it

makes no difference to me at this point


June 30th, 2011, 3:32 pm #8

Those who have/have had religious experiences may change their lifestyle, be different kinds of people, but usually are reluctant to talk about their experiences because most others do not understand.
..... Compare with Out-of-Body and Near-Death experiences.
..... Clergy very likely never had these kinds of experiences and are liable to "explain" or speculate, even invent belief systems at any time and any place.
it was the experience of "death" as we DO NOT understand it without this experience

and it didn't come from an accident or sickness

and it lasted way way way way longer than normal NDE last

and yes, it changes every perception of reality

if that isn't anything to consider

then don't


June 30th, 2011, 3:37 pm #9

Truth seems to be subjective.

Or maybe God has a different message for different people, and some make the mistake of thinking that their personal message from God is for everyone?
God, according to the bible, is one of the spirits, but apparently there are spirits that impersonate others, even that they are God or Jesus or (whoever). That's what happened to Paul of Tarsus who was guided by a spirit claiming to be a Christ (of mythology?), or Jesus.
..... I am also reminded of what I read on another forum, written by Dave: "If you listen only to the Holy Spirit, you will be in danger because Satan can imitate the Holy Spirit and tell you lies that you think came from God. So, read Scripture first, and consult your Pastor. If the Spirit says something different, it most likely is not the Holy Spirit you are hearing." Maybe (some of?) those spirits who inspired the many authors of the many books of the bible, and of other scriptures, were not really God?



June 30th, 2011, 3:41 pm #10

I understand your concern

sorry I keep forgetting how the mind is before this experience........its been 18 years now

but I will try to explain something that may assure you

when YOUR WHOLE MIND is taken away

like a nuclear explosion which is what the BIBLE SAYS WILL HAPPEN TO IT

and you FIND a guiding force that helps YOU UNDERSTAND THE WHOLE MEANING OF THE BIBLE, Judaism and Christianity and Islam and all other religions

because they are all written by these kind of people who had the experience

you begin to UNDERSTAND the NEW LANGUAGE called the WORD

because it gives you back a LIFE that has a PURPOSE..........

and a force that reveals itself ultimately as LOVE GOD and YOUR NEIGHBOR as YOURSELF

if the force that is revealed does not lead you there


but I don't see how you could CHOOSE one way or the other in the face of this force when all choice is taken away

you'll see in your time of experience of this force