Heywood Banks Pays Homage to the Lard...

Heywood Banks Pays Homage to the Lard...

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Comedian updates song after demise of Big Butter Jesus
By Eric Robinette, Staff Writer
Updated 7:19 AM Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MONROE -- The statue that some call Big Butter Jesus has burned in a giant grease fire.

Thats the way comedian Heywood Banks responded Tuesday, June 15, to the news that the Solid Rock Church landmark off Interstate 75 had been destroyed in a fire late Monday night.

Now, just as the creation of the statue inspired Banks to write the novelty tune Big Butter Jesus, its destruction has prompted him today to write a new verse and chorus for the song.

The new verse: One night Big Butter got hit by lightning/It burned to the frame wire in a giant grease fire. Some blamed it on Satan, and boy, that would be frightening/But I thought it was Jesus father who was in charge of lightning, Banks wrote.

The original chorus of Big Butter Jesus had a series of butter puns. The new chorus has a series of fiery puns. The new chorus: Big fireball Jesus, flaming shot Jesus, charbroiled Jesus, Opa! Jesus, extra crispy Jesus, bananas foster Jesus, Im put out its not Jesus, Charcoal-y O Lord.

Asked if he had heard about the fire, the Michigan-based performer sarcastically asked, Is there any excitement going on down there?

Indeed, Banks has been deluged with news about the fire.

I've had 150 e-mails, 30 text messages and I've been on the phone all morning, he said.

Taking note of the many reactions to the fire, Banks said, I'm glad no one was hurt. I'm evidently not the only one who didn't like the statue.

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into a new complete and unabridged version. I gotta admit .... the song grips me like some kinda sinnin.' It's almost like listening to a Gaither special.


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And, if he DOES decide to Redo it...
I hope he can recapture the whole...
-- "Gospel Music/Congregational" atmosphere of the original.

The black and white angle-shots...
The Hands Waving in the Air...
The audience particpation...
With, Perhaps...
Some shots of Big Butter...
-- The Melting...
As Green Screen Background Images...!

It would be...
-- Most Excellent...!


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