Here's one for Tim...

Here's one for Tim...

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[size=300]-- in a Tree Stump...![/size]
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Bro Tim.

He' does tree stumps. Jesus is his bro.

And now.

Brother Stump!


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Maybe its the face of the guy who's berried there?

As the roots grew threw and around his face, and with slit decay and sunlight shining on the core of the tree a slight chemical imprint of what the tree understands in the earth is portrayed in common fashion threw the core of the tree?

It looks like a European panting of Christ, but Jews don't have that typical round face of some Europeans.

I have Israeli gas masks and they are not for round faces.

So being the tree grew over the face of a man, and the tree is a living thing, I suggest it chemically portrayed what it grew around. And the mold or mildew enhanced the chemical compounds of what the tree grew around.

Gee.... That almost sounds like I know what I'm talking about.
I think I got a good theory though.

And there's no way its the chainsaw burns, as suggested in the article.
Whoever cut that tree off was skilled and experienced.
As you can see the ridge to the right side of the face, the chain saw couldn't reach all the way threw the tree, so he had to make two separate cuts.
The main cut from the West side of the tree, and the smaller cut from the East side of the tree.

Notice how the two cuts only leave about 1/4 inch of a ridge?
This guy knew what he was doing and skilled, and no one chainsawing with that precision would be dumb enough to use that dull of a chain on an Oak tree to burn it with a dull chain. And with that dull of a chain he would be fighting and struggling and sweating for 10 minutes to make that cut. The chainsaw burn theory is out the window.

And it appears to have been cut down about 7 years ago as I can tell from the cracks in the stump and the loose bark. Giving time for the mold/mildew to form an image of what the roots grew around.

Bro Tim