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A couple of heads up for fellow posters:

I've just brought a copy of the 2017 Wisden Almanack for £10 from the Book People. Obviously buying it when released in the Spring is better, but I didn't and you cant be done for a tenner.

Wisden Nightwatchman Autumn 2017. The current edition is a tribute to TMS currently celebrating its 60th anniversary. I realise TMS gets some criticism on here but I'm a fan and literally all my life have loved listening to it. This publication is a collection of essays paying tribute to the programme and its contributors. Two I enjoyed with Yorkshire relevance were Chris Walters writing about FST and Ian McMillan telling the tale of working in a local factory whilst a student in 1977 and desperately trying to convince his colleagues to return the radio so he could here Geoff heading towards his 100th hundred. Well worth £10.