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Some facts from the CC.

More than 400 umpires have stood in CC matches, as well as an unknown number of others who have deputised when an umpire has been absent or ill - or, in at least one case, enjoyed a little too much liquid refreshment at lunch.
122 umpires have stood in ten or more summers, of whom 27 played in Tests and 12 never played a first class game.
The youngest man to umpire a CC match was 24-year-old Thomas Shoubridge, a Livepool club cricketer who played once for Sussex and who stood in one game at Liverpool in 1893.
The oldest was Bob Thoms, the Middlesex cricketer who was still standing in 1900 at the age of 74.

The longest serving of CC`s current scorers is Tony Kingston who completed his 27th year with Northants in 2016. But, as he was 77 years old then, he is unlikely to stay in position for longer than George `Chicko` Austin who scored for 52 years for Warwickshire, or, a predecessor of Kingston at Northampton, Leo Bullimer, who did 51 years.

From Summer`s Crown by Stephen Chalke