T20 from 2020

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Although the RL50 doesn't suit you Dave it isn't necessarily doomed and can be an attractive day out for some of us.

We've lost our much loved 50 over games from Scarborough unfortunately, but I'm quite happy to drive to Leeds for a full days cricket, weather forecast permitting.

For T20 it would need to fit in with other family events to make the journey worthwhile.

Like all cricket in this country you need the weather to be on your side. The new timetable makes it a bit of gamble. On the plus side the block format should make it more a more interesting competition.

I do worry that the RL50 is too early this year but if Yorkshire are good enough to make the final you can spend your day as you like, I know where I and a lot of Yorkshire supporters will be.

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If we can't compete with the Caribbean Premier League, then we might as well give up, now.

Australian Test players don't play in the Big Bash, except occasionally, on a one-off basis, and the foreign players it attracts are not top drawer; and our own England players will not play in the proposed ECB one, first season anyway, if I have understood the proposals.

Do our Counties really make money out of the RL50? Crowds seem similar to those in County Championship. What was new and exciting 50 years ago, seems boring today. Lord's finals are so poorly attended it's embarrassing. If Yorkshire were to get to one, I doubt I would even watch on TV.

I think T20 can be made to work - indeed it did work well - as a fun evening out for the fans and a really good generator of income, as well as a flagship for the Counties, to let the public know they actually exist. The only reason for playing fixtures in a block is to facilitate the hiring of overseas stars. That, to me, is irrelevant. Big Bash is easily the best, for reasons we have gone over repeatedly, despite the B-list stars it attracts, such as Bell and Bresnan, who won the thing.

We cannot replicate the Australian summer, with the Christmas holidays at its height and families on hand, looking for entertainment. Families with money LEAVE England in July and August! The fans, the family groups the ECB say they're trying to attract, say they can't afford 3 or 4 games in a fortnight...but Graves knows best.

It used to annoy me at work (all those years ago), when management would come to you and earnestly ask your opinion about some aspect of the job you were doing every day. Then, when you told them, based on experience and careful thought, they would say that's rubbish, you're wrong!
I disagree with you Dave re the 50 over competition. I think it is a great format, much much better than the 40 over game.

I do agree that these proposals will kill off the 50 over game. The first grade players will be unavailable away with England, the second grade players will be playing in the new T20 tournament at the same time, leaving just the third grade players for the 50 over comp. Crowds were poor anyway, so they will slump even more when teams will have NONE of the better players ever playing for them.

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and i disagree as well. i thoroughly enjoy the 50 over game, it is a full day of good entertainment. our local league is 50 overs and is a good day out, long enough to build an innings and properly formulate strategy. my first trip away this season is the game at worcester even though it clashes with an odi against ireland taking out england players away. now that is a pointless match.

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Pointless for us maybe, not so true for Ireland. They need support to develop their profile. They should already have test status. The unfairness of their situation will be fully illustrated in this match by the fact that England will probably be captained by someone who should be playing for them.

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I like 50 and 45-over league cricket, just as long as there's a draw option.

My quibble with 40 and 50 and 60-over County and International cricket is that the batsmen are too good to encompass their talents within the format. If they produced lovely greentops or raging bunsens for these games it would be wonderful to watch, batsmen battling for survival, fieldsmen round the bat, proper cricket.

But they don't, so it becomes a slog fest, especially when they bring the boundaries in further and further. It also annoys me that the top batsman is allowed to continue, to bat all innings, but the best bowler must be taken off after 10 overs, or whatever. That doesn't happen in the best league cricket.

The bowlers are reduced to bowling a variety of slower balls, including slow-ball bouncers, and the almost-wide yorker. It all makes for the ugliest imaginable cricket.

Yes, I admire these skills, and the variety of ramps and sweeps which the batsmen now employ to counter them, but what is fun over the short period of T20 becomes boring when it's all day for 7 hours.
Bowlers win matches

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Plenty of variety in the scores in last years 50 over comp. Just how it should be.

The most torturous involving Yorkshire was when they tried playing 'proper cricket' in the first match and limped to 170 against Worcs. More of that? No thanks.

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Lots of stuff in The Times today. Lizie Ammon (Legside Lizzie on twitter)seems to be the one with the exclusive.

The Times online is behind a pay wall but its free (printed version) in your local library.

Key point:

Starts in 2020 but needs sorting now to sell TV/Media rights (approx 8 to 10 games in free to air TV)

8 teams - regionally based, not necessarily 'city' based

Comp is inaddition to county based T20 which will be over and done early season)

Squads of 15 including 3 o/s per team

Draft of all first class players so our players likely to end up everywhere

Value of players set independently with equal 'spend' per team in the draft - think fantasy league

Mid July start lasting for 38 days.

Test players NOT involved as tests will clash with T20 comp

50 over county comp at same time to occupy non selected players and members who prefer to watch their county

Teams likely to use more than one venue for min of four home games to broaden fan engagement

Players CAN play for local side, initial idea was that for example the Yorkshire players could NOT play for a Leeds based team

Teams run by local county clubs eg East midlands team will be organised by Notts, Leicester and Derby. County coaches and support staff expected to be released to work with these teams rather than the counties.

38 matches - top 4 from league of 8 into a Rugby league style play off with elimination and qualifying finals etc to find a final two.

i've had a brainwave, instead of trying to "grow" the game by taking this charade of a T20 competition (sorry money making exercise) to new places play the 50 over comp at grounds such as Bradford, Barnsley, Scarborough, Sheffield etc.

let everyone in for free, if the only players left are those not in a test or T20 squad then i cant see headingley being populated with many casual fans


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And now artificial pitches, so every game is high scoring, favouring the batsmen and hindering the bowlers. Sanitised cricket!!

http://www.espncricinfo.com/county-cric ... 83052.html

Every game the same, 200-3 plays 201-4 and everyone goes home happy!! Or do they??

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At least they are honest when they say the game isn't meant for the likes of us.

'While long-term lovers of cricket may have reservations about artificial surfaces, the ECB's mantra over the new competition is that it is not designed to appeal to those already watching the game: it is designed to appeal to the vast potential audience that is currently immune to its charms. The ECB feels that providing such good-paced surfaces will help create the high-scoring, boundary-filled cricket it believes will attract that new audience.'

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Next it will be 40 yd boundaries. Why not do away with bowlers completely, just pick 11 batsmen, have bowling machines set for the same speed every ball and competitions to see who can hit the ball the furthest.