Opposition to T20

Opposition to T20

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Apologies for not just posting the link, but The Times is behind a paywall so all members of the Forum may not have been able to access the article.

Surrey seem to good something at least.

T20 franchises losing support
Elizabeth Ammon
November 25 2016, 12:01am,
The Times

The city-based competition would run in addition to the NatWest T20 Blast
Support for an eight-team city-based Twenty20 competition is waning after an independent report commissioned by Surrey found that the proposed tournament would not earn the participants any more broadcast money than one involving all 18 counties.

The report, which has been seen by The Times, suggests that the ECB significantly underestimated the 18-county tournament when it valued its potential broadcast revenue at about £7 million and its favoured franchise-based competition at £35-£40 million.

Counties were told at a presentation in September that they could receive £1.3 million per year each if they agreed to the introduction of the new tournament, which would run in addition to the existing 18-team NatWest T20 Blast. This gulf in revenue led 15 counties (plus MCC) to vote to allow the ECB to push ahead with developing the details for a new competition. Of those counties, Essex, Somerset and Middlesex are understood to be reconsidering their position, while Surrey, Sussex and Kent voted against the proposal.

The report says an 18-team contest would bring in as much broadcast revenue
However, Surrey’s report says that an 18-team T20 competition, split into a Premier League and a secondary division, would bring in “at least the same level [of broadcast revenue] as proposed by the ECB”.

At present counties receive about £1 million in funding, with the report stating that the broadcast value of the county game is actually about £23 million and will increase to about £35 million in 2020, when a new media rights contract will be in place. While this forecast includes all county cricket, compared to the ECB figures that are for the T20 competition alone, few four-day games are covered and the 50-over competition would add little in terms of broadcast revenue.

The ECB was urged to seek a second opinion on the relative media rights values of an 18-team T20 competition, which would allow all counties to take part. It declined to do this, which led to a number of counties holding conversations with media companies and to Surrey commissioning their report, which has been shared with other counties.

While the ECB won the vote in September to move to this stage, the proposals must still be voted upon next year and require a three-quarters majority among the 18 counties, the 39 county boards and MCC to pass.

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Couple of things, aren't Surrey opposed to a franchise T20 as they do very well out of the current system and are protecting their own interests rather?

Secondly, Elizabeth Ammon is writing for The Times? Standards are slipping.