Fight the good fight

Fight the good fight

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Every cricket club no matter how humble or grand has it's unsung heroes, could be a player, coach, chairman, groundsman, avid supporter or perhaps the tea lady? At my club we have one such person who is all of the aforementioned rolled into one, and even if old bones groan, creek and may even someday give way, this fine gentleman's enthusiasm abounds ...


As an unassuming, energetic lad, he enjoyed a bit a craic
never gleaned or nurtured, like privileged Etonian stock
his upbringing less kid gloved, he carried his own sack
sidestepped idle talk, preferring more to walk the walk

That chosen path was cumbersome with many a jagged edge
but his gait was ever forthright, purpose in his stride
and if the way was blocked, he'd always find a wedge
to help remove the obstacle, then journey on with pride

Born of competitive spirit, he played the gentleman's fine game
indulged in victory's adulation, reverent in defeat
aware that when the crowd had gone, it was a moment's fame
and they'll judge not if you win or lose, but how you did compete

Faced down the aggressive tyrant, affording him scant regard
the thief he had no time for, chased him from the place
as for the sly old fox, spouting innuendo, conceit and canard
he silenced him in one fell blow, when he said it straight to his face

And now a chivalrous octogenarian, still, he has guts and soul
adversity he obliterates, from a self-effacing, humble turret
with truth and virtue by his side, he has but one treasured goal
to onwards fight the good fight, knowing, if the flesh should wane...
willing is the spirit!

( could equally apply to Sir Geoffrey himself, but he's still too young ) 😜

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Keep them coming, Boomer, keep them coming!

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Cheers Dave 🍻