CHAMPIONSHIP | Yorkshire vs Somerset (Pre-match Thread)

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I'm with Seadog here. If patto wants to play then he should.

Re bressie, it would be madness to rest him, he is by some distance our best player this season, and with only 2 crucial games left he should play in them both if he is fit.

I may go to ot some time next week to cheer on the red rose, depends how the games develop

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Lancashire, Warwickshire and, especially, Durham - as Yorkshire have just witnessed - are all in poor form so another Hampshire "Great Escape" is very possible - pity they gained an undeserved 5 points last Saturday when rain saved from your good selves.

Lancs might get a draw - not lost at OT this season - but there is no chance of a win I am afraid unless you loan us TWO seamers - Plunkett and Willey?

After the disappointment of Yorkshire failing to beat Hampshire, thanks are due for the way you comprehensively crushed Durham - shame you allowed them a second batting point.

Free-falling Durham might well just escape this season by the skin of their teeth but, with Stoneman leaving and may be others, it is just delaying the inevitable and I'd put money on them being relegated next season.

NB: Lancs won their first 3 games at OT this season by HUGE margins against Notts, Surrey and Hampshire and since then there have been 3 high-scoring draws against Warwicks, Yorkshire and Somerset.

The only home match away from OT was at Southport where we lost a bit unluckily to Durham by 2 wickets (we had Anderson for half a game; Durham had Stokes for the whole game...thanks ECB!). If the Durham game had been played at OT, we probably would have already been safe.

Away from home, we have been DIRE - second best in every game except in the first at Taunton when we had Somerset following on (they easily batted out the draw).

An 11/12 point draw against Middlesex would do me fine and I am sure this would help your title chances, may be only needing to draw your final game at Lord's where even WE knocked up 500 plus.

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Our away form hasn't been that much better to be fair, 6 draws from 6 so far this season. Two of those we probably would have won with better weather (Surrey, Hants) but fair to say the weather saved us at Taunton.

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In many sports it is often said that having previous experience of winning the title/league/championship is of great benefit as the team has been there before and are used to the pressures involved in getting over the line.

After our relatively easy victory last year does anyone think there will be a benefit to us based on the last couple of years or will the weight of expectation and anticipation in aiming for the treble actually work against us?

Personally I think the steel and resolve the team has shown to get so close to a third title will be of great benefit in the final two games all other matters,especially the weather, being equal.

BTW my only change would be Rashid for the unfortunate Rafiq if Patto is OK to play.

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This game is the biggest game of the season even bigger than the Middlesex game it puts all the pressure on Middlesex , it doesn't matter what the side is as long as everyone gives 100% and we should get a full game with no weather interruptions nothing but 100% commitment and I will say nothing more .

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With 10.30 start and morning sessions usually favouring bowlers at Headingley, we are almost certain to be batting first - not sure early starts were taken into account for early starts in September. We will need disciplined first 2 hours form our openers.

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traditionally the first session at headingley is very testing,but it might not be as bad this week. we have had a long period of sunny weather, and that is forecast to continue. temperatures ln the mid 20,s, we very rarely get that in high summer.

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There was a very heavy dew last night, even at 10.00 am my lawn was pretty damp.
The temperatures last night though were much lower than those forecast for tonight & the rest of the week.
I also think we may be asked to bat first. But if Rogers believes their strength now lies in their spin attack perhaps he'll opt for the toss so that Somerset can bat first.
If it goes to the toss & we win it I'd be surprised if Gale puts them in.
But if the wicket is similar to that for the Durham game I don't it will matter if we bat or bowl first. I fully expect us to score over 400 in our first innings.

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Monday 12th September 2016 | Specsavers County Championship - Division One

So what is the ideal Yorkshire XI considering the venue, the competition and our pursuit of a third consecutive Championship?

Latest Championship odds:

Yorkshire: 8/11
Middlesex: 5/4
Surrey: 33-1
Somerset: 33:1
We have a lethal seam quartet. Why tinker with it? Plunkett is after all averaging 60 in the CC. Somebody has stated that our attack should consist of two from Bresnan, Brooks, and Patto. Nonsense. Brooks is a must pick. His form over the last month has been as responsible as anything for taking us to the brink of glory again. His new ball partnership with Siddo is second to none.

As already stated, I hope, though forlornly, that Lancashire will treat Sexymiddle to the same living room carpet pitch that they inflicted upon us - in that match that we should have won - according to one or two on ere.

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No one could argue if we kept the same pace attack.

I would put Liam in just for the entertainment. Partly tounge in cheek as I think he is a quality bowler, he offers something different and on occasions his batting can turn a match, although you shouldn't or couldn't rely on it