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20 Apr 2017, 08:26 #1

A very bad month for the club re communication and consultation with members.

No official voting figures published for Richard Huttons appointment.

No notification to members in advance that gates were only open on one side of the ground for the University match.

No consultation or chance to vote on the proposed new T20 competition.

Scoreboards and clocks not working for the first match.

And finally, yesterdays fiasco at the second X1 match, as highlighted on a seperate thread.

C`mon guys and gals in the admin dept, get your act together. We are a members club - keep us informed and treat us like members!!

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20 Apr 2017, 09:05 #2

I wonder if whoever operates/programs the scoreboard will have discovered, by the time of our next match, that Peter Handscomb is a RIGHT handed batsman.

A pet moan of mine, you enter the ground DURING the lunch or tea interval, AND YOU CANNOT FIND OUT THE SCORE. Surely, just a single line, at the bottom of the advertisement. Same at close of play. You leave your seat, glance at the scoreboard to note the exact score, and there it is - gone!
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