A Cricketing Christmas Cracker !

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A Cricketing Christmas Cracker !

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Back in the day such was my youthful exuberance and enthusiasm, that even during the festive season, off I'd go to the local park with stumps & ball in hand to practice! Then one particular clear and cool Christmas Eve' I had a surprise visitor..

A Cricketing Christmas Cracker !

As I roved out one 24th of December
in my possession, as I well remember
an old cricket ball to practice my bowling
much more engaging, than simply strolling!

Now bear in mind 'twas Christmas eve
just what occurred, you'll barely believe,
but listen intently, my earnest entreat
this story is true and bereft of deceit!

Now when in position and ready to go
I heard a gregarious laugh, with a hearty, 'Hello '
then from out of the shadows, suddenly appeared
a gigantic man, sporting a fine, flowing white beard?

Slung over his shoulder, a most massive cloth sack
which he set on the ground, from off his broad back
and from within withdrew, a new cricket bat
as nervously I pondered, what was he doing with that?

He spoke to me saying, "Please Sir if you would,
throw me that ball and I'll break in this wood,"
so I ran back and bowled at a very fast pace
at this impostor so alike, the late W.G. Grace?

And for all that I knew, he may of well been?
He was simply the best, I'd ever seen,
a talented fellow, dressed in red and white
who hit every ball with timing and dynamic might!

Then after our game and the bat well broke in
he said, " Well bowled but next time try spin!
Alas, now I must go, no longer to tarry,
thanks for the game and have a Christmas merry!

For tonight many chimneys, I will descend
as on me, little children, hope and depend!
So please take this new bat, a present for you
as well as these parcels, for your good family too!

And just before I leave, may I further say this
never lose faith, in the spirit of Christmas!
For a little imagination is good for the soul
and what's more, can turn dull brass into pure gold! "

He bade me farewell and with a whimsical wink
instantly disappeared, quicker than an eye blink,
so I set off for home and as it began to snow
far off in the distance, a voice boomed out... "Merry Christmas, Ho,ho, ho " ☃️