A Brandyball Sweet

A Brandyball Sweet

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A faded black & white photo hangs in my father's study, dated 1930, it's of a cup winning cricket team and my late grandfather, Orr W. Boomer is amongst the happy looking bunch of fellows smiling back..

A Brandyball Sweet..

From city's maddening throng,
a getaway
to lone mountain peak,
far away
like shipwreck survivor,
I sought retreat!

Atop terra firma, the ascend
rocky terrain,
a tiresome,
lonely transcend
then high frontier
and journey's end,

Astonishment, an elderly man there
of my persona,
seemed aware
though unfazed,
remained his stare,
upon a jungle of steel
and reinforced concrete!

From outermost, protruding ledge
beckoning towards me
with crocked stick
of blackthorn hedge,
to stand by him
and gaze o'er the edge,
his clear entreat!

At first unease the feeling
then curiosity came stealing
his countenance,
his candour
most genteeling,
so alongside I drew,
to view the hordes effete!

Then in a voice unfazed
described a setting, less abrazed
though my appraise
his view was hazed,
thick smog before his eyes,
had surely wrought,
a wicked cheat?

"Regard below bereft of guilt
fields like patchwork quilt
within erstwhile men
swathe crop,
firm grip on sickle's hilt,
others follow and bind sheaves
of golden wheat!

Engage the tranquil village
on this sunny day
children outside,
content at their play,
mothers busy in parlours
separating curds from whey,
mindful, neither two shall meet!

Behold yon pleasant green
and the uplifting sight
of men in cotton shirts,
flannels, linen white
who play the hallowed game,
spectators, ensconced in delight,
the scene, almost replete!

Observe the skipper
beckoning towards me
inviting his strike bowler, O.W.B.
to once more,
play the game esprit
and join in kindred spirit,
this team elite! "

Then looked to me
and pointed low,
I gauged his desire,
together, descend below
and on return to level plateau
within my palm, he did bestow,
a tasty little treat!

Bade me farewell,
and into the fog, walked away
straight to cricket club, my instinct
to head that way,
through decorated gallery, the foray
and behind silver accolades on display,
somewhat discreet!

A faded photo and surprise
at centre of rear row,
to recognise a familiar face,
in younger guise,
including inscription below,
the apprise in letters,
bold and neat!

The winning team in cheer,
' McMullan Memorial Cup' 1930 the year,
man of the match, O.W.B.
the initials, bold and clear,
then with reflective tear
within my palm, there still,
that little sphere, a favoured childhood, brandy-ball sweet?