2016 White Rose Forum Review

2016 White Rose Forum Review

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01 Jan 2017, 18:55 #1

While the Yorkshire team had a disappointing year, what with no trophies and failing to defend its Championship title, the White Rose Forum had a record year thanks to our loyal members. Traffic was up 13% year-over-year and is now ahead more than 50% since the club dropped us as their official site in October 2013. May was the busiest month in our 17-year history.

Steve Cowton gets the “Sticky Wicket Award” for putting up the most popular i.e. “stickiest” non-match day thread for "Press Conference on Monday: Gale confirmed as coach," posted on November 24; with Whiterosedave the runner-up for “Gillespie Gone,” posted on August 29th.

Have a prosperous and healthy new year everyone, and don't forget to tell your fellow Yorkshire cricket fans about the WRF.