Signature of the Week *Rules*

Put your art skills to the test in WLC's weekly signature creation competitions! See this forum for details.

Signature of the Week *Rules*

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Rules and Regulations:

1) A New Contest Will be Held each week. Sig entries will be taken for 5 days, (so if it begins on a Monday morning, it ends Saturday morning).

2) A poll with go up once entries are no longer accepted in the 2 day "break" from submission. The poll will be in this forum. After 2 days, the winner will be selected according to the poll.

3) The winner of SOTW will be credited with 75 volts, and their sig will be displayed under the users online section on the main page.

4) Each week, there will be a new theme. So, if the theme was Mario Kart, the signature must say a phrase that corresponds with this phrase, usually, just naming the theme. Ex. Mario Kart DS, Mario, Mario Kart 150cc, etc.

5) Submit all signatures to Eskimo. You may not post your signature in this forum or it will not be counted. This is so people do not steal your ideas or renders.

6) All sigs must be made by YOU. You cannot request them or get them from another site. Make them yourselves, thats the whole fun of it.

7) You can only make signatures, no avatars or banners. Make them the appropriate size.

8) You may take back a sig and replace it with another but you may only have one sig in the competition at a time.

Good luck and have fun!

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