Shifting Tales!

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Shifting Tales!

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12 Aug 2011, 16:33 #1

It takes place in a large kingdom surrounded by a stone wall called the Wall. Within the Kingdom there are classes, jobs and of course forms to shift into. Based on your status and your chosen career path each person will have between 1-3 (though more can be unlocked and discovered) forms to shift into that are unique to that person and ONLY that person. So say for example Fred here takes the form of an English Bulldog or a Monarch Butterfly, no one on site will ever have accesss to that form (except for the interior royal family though that comes later). Accepting characters of all ages, should you start with a child they will have a form from birth that they can shift into determined by bloodlines.

Most jobs can be obtained at the age of 13 and with a job comes a new form to shift into. Further forms can be obtained by switching careers or discovering ruins outside of the Wall, every form you gain will stay with your character. So Fred was born into a family whose birth animals are both canines, his birth animal is a Jack Russel Terrier then at the age of 15 he decides he wants to be a Merchant and gains the shift of a Paacock. When he turns 20 he decides he doesn't want to be a Merchant any longer and gains an upgrade allowing him to become an armed guard of the Kingdom which then allows him the shift of a Black Bear.

Now, the trick with the possible forms is that you don't get to choose your species. Now, now, that doesn't mean you don't get a say though! When you apply for a character you are given a form which includes parental birth animals, here is where you can decide out of four categories which would best suit your character (and if you don't know or care just choose your characters parents animals at random!): Bird, rodent, cat or dog (bird, cat and dog will all be SMALL breeds). If Fred's roleplayer wants Fred to have a birth form of some sort of bird then he or she would put down that both Fred's parents had birth forms of birds. If his roleplayer can't decide between two then they would put the mother as one and father as the other. If they don't care then they would choose two and then in brackets specify as such. Once that is done you will be sent a message with three possibilities of birth shifts. The roleplayer will choose one and then the picture of your character's birth shift will be officially sent and it will be added to a list of not-available shifts. If the roleplayer doesn't like any of the choices, there will be an item that can be bought/unlocked to allow them to 're-roll' another three possibilities after choosing 1-2 of the original categories (bird, cat, dog, rodent).

With each career there will be examples of the kinds of animals which fall into said job description.

Another way to find forms is exploring, doing quests and coming upon random events.

There is no set plot. Develop your characters, complete quests and just roleplay as you wish. Every once and a while site plots will roll in which you can choose to take part in. Though I must note that this site will be LITERATE with a 250 word minimum for posts.