Thornton weekly report week ending 30th July 2017

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Thornton weekly report week ending 30th July 2017

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Thornton weekly report week ending 30[sup]th[/sup]  July 2017
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At last our surface temperature has dropped to 19c with the odd cooler morning opening at 18.5c with a the current forecast for the coming week we should see our surface temperature remain around the 18.5c -19c
On the overcast cooler mornings we have seen fish feeding on the surface with the first of our large claret buzzers starting to show, ironically a good week earlier than expected. You can watch a claret buzzer hatch out on our facebook page
Saturday was the day when it all clicked, better water visibility, water temp 18.5c with Sreve Frakes in his float tube catching 11 trout on diawls and blobs, Andre Russell & Richard Dunnett also took to their tubes registering 6 between them. Mark Hunt commented he was sure his success was down to fishing on the drift taking 12 fish on a small cats whisker, diwals and blobs. Howard Davies fished in front of the lodge taking 3 on dries and emergers.
The cooler morning session is still best, look for a cloudy morning. If the water temperature keeps around the 18.5c we will hopefully see a few fish starting to move in the evenings.
Our water temperature is always taken 18inch below the surface between 7.30am & 8.00am every morning.
Water clarity: We have an algae bloom, visibility is around 2ft – 3ft
As we always advise, keep in touch with the lodge for latest updates.
Current Fishing Times:
Car Park, Lodge and bank fishing open 7.30am
Full Day Boats: 8.30am – 9.15pm
Part Day Boats: 8.30am – 3.00pm  /  3.00pm – 9.15pm
Last 4 hours:     5.15pm – 9.15pm (last 4 hour permits on sale from 5.00pm)
All anglers off site by 9.30pm
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