Thornton Weekly Report Week ending 1st April

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Thornton Weekly Report Week ending 1st April
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 This weather!
 Looking back over our first 9 weeks, we opened 1st February what a contrast the two months have been, February although cold fished well especially for the bank with February producing a monthly rod average of 4.3
 March however with its snow, heavy rain & cold winds was a poor month, with the reservoir blighted by poor water quality for at least 10 days and the general weather conditions keeping rods off the water our month of March rod average 1.3
 April is with us the heavy rain these past two days has once again given us poor water clarity, will this weather ever stop?
 The answer is in the long range forecast, by this coming weekend we should start to see lighter winds with the temperature starting to climb towards 13 degree with the following week temperatures keeping around the 14 – 15 degree mark, I for one can’t wait.
 And to this current weeks report.
 It was a case of keeping in touch with the lodge and fishing around the weather, Pet Hunt used an intermediate and cats whisker to catch his 5 trout, Phill Cross & S Windram decided to fish the bank opposite the lodge and caught 10 trout between them to 4lb. Norman Perkins fished the bank down past the lonesome pine in not ideal conditions catching 4 trout, but reported a brief but good buzzer hatch with a few fish to be seen moving to them.
 Nev Welsh looking for a new rod took advantage of our demo rods taking a Redington Vice 10ft 7wt out on the water, he thought the rod was excellent and he managed to catch 6 trout during his mornings visit. Saturday morning and with a rising reservoir and rapidly reducing clarity due to the overnight deluge Howard Davies managed to catch a cracking 4lb rainbow photo on
 Rod Average 1.3
 Currently our water visibility is poor as always we recommend you contact the lodge for latest updates.
 Opening Times
 Main Gate, Lodge & Bank fishing open 7.30am
 Full Day Boat: 8.30am – 7.45pm
 Morning Boat: 8.30am – 2.00pm
 Afternoon Boat: 2.00pm – 7.45pm
 Last 4hr hour 3.45pm – 7.45pm
 All anglers offsite by 8.00pm
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