Thornton Weekly Report Week ending 18th February

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Thornton Weekly Report  Week ending 18th February
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The week started with a cold blast, ice on the water and a wind that chilled you to the bone. On the Monday the anglers who did venture out caught in the main on boobies with Emad Moaz and Mari Cani taking a limit each on boobies. Tuesday with the cold wet and vey windy conditions we had no rods on the water, on Wednesday season permit Dave Leavesley fished a short 3 hour session from the bank catching 4 on a orange blob before the windy conditions made it too difficult to fish
Thursday and conditions improved, still cold, but the wind reduced. Eyebrook member Ian Jobe caught 11 off the bank down by the tern raft, Thornton member Mike Cupitt bank fished and caught 6 with day rod C Day travelling from Worcester and was rewarded with 9 trout again from the bank. Friday another cold morning with ice on the water, although once conditions improved we recorded a rod average of 3.5 for the day, brothers W Newby & S Newby caught 11, Foremark regular Alan Topping caught 8 from the bank wit N Woolnough catching 7 from a boat. Another cold day on Saturday but we enjoyed our best day of the week Jan Webber & Howard Davies shared a boat and caught 17 down the Markfield arm, Martin Clay also boat fished and caught 10 trout, Steve Owen arranged for a group of the west midlands police to fish, many of them fishing Thornton for the first time, with them all taking to the bank, despite the cold conditions they all nearly caught with top rod C Howkins with 7. Thornton member Mark Hunt caught 13 from a boat with Lee Henfrey returning over 20 trout, photo on our facebook page
A few trout on Saturday were taken on the buzzer
Sunday and few rods ventured out, Adam Gunby and Rodger Guise caught 8 for their short session, D Rowbotham caught 5 on a sinking line and white snake with Mick Carrig bank fishing and catching 4 on an olive woolly bugger
Best Area: Top of the Thornton arm & down along the shallows opposite the lodge along the wood past lonesome pine to the tern raft, trout are well spread, but very close to the bank
Best Method: Floating Line, Hover, Midge Tip, Intermediate and sinking lines with white & green lures, small green pea, snakes and booby
Rod average 4.0
Opening Times
Main Gate, Lodge & Bank fishing open 7.30am
Full Day Boat: 8.30am – 5.00pm
Morning Boat: 8.30am – 12.30pm
Afternoon Boat: 12.30pm – 5.00pm
All anglers offsite by 5.15pm 

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