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Week ending Saturday September 16th
The week started with our first named storm of the year and finished with cooler, but much more settled conditions. The storm certainly put some water down, on Wednesday morning I had row a boat out from the shore to get to the jetty!
The weather certainly affected the numbers of anglers visiting but of ones that have visited us, most of them have left with a fish or two.
The best rod today was Bob Fitzpatrick who fished half a day for six fish. He had four rainbows to 3lbs 12oz and two brownies to 2lbs 8oz. Bob found a sparkler booby on the point and sparkly cormorants on the droppers retrieved with a fast roly-poly to be the most effective method. He used a sink tip line. He caught out over open water and close into the margins in Blackhouse Bay and at the Dam.
Over the week we have seen fish caught on sparklers fished right into the margins down the east bank at Grindy’s Lawn and off Pete’s Point.
Dries have also been a successful method with black bits and daddies coming up as the top patterns.
Antoon Gysbers has been coming every Friday since the season got underway in February. He always arrives early and heads out at 8am. He only fishes four a few hours and is back up at the lodge by 11am at the latest. Antoon has become Mr consistent, so far this season he is yet to blank, and usually catches more than one as well. This Friday he had two rainbows from Bell Point to 3lbs both took a stealth cormorant. Antoon almost always starts and finishes with the same cast of flies on and he fishes them on a floating line. This week he shared his deadly team of three flies. See the pic below. Tight Lines Ben
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