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Summary Report
Mini-heatwave produces incredible sport …
A continued rise in temperatures during the week saw an increase in insect activity and fish movements. Those fish that had been lurking in the depths for some time began to move upwards into the warmer layers of water spurred on by the plethora of buzzers hatching out and the rich feeding that awaited them at last.
Anglers who used an attractor on the point and buzzers or nymph patterns on droppers saw the most significant sport with many double-figured returns being recorded, particularly from midweek onwards. Orange or green have still featured as key attractor colours whilst black or red buzzer patterns have tempted many of the larger trout this week. The effects of a few days’ warm weather have been quite amazing and very welcome!
Excellent returns this week include on the 16th for visiting rod Mr. Geoff Tomkinson with a total return of 20 fish from the South Lake banks all caught on olive or black & green tadpoles. The 18th proved to be the most productive day of the week for many anglers as the temperatures peaked at 26˚C with Permit holder Mr. Henry Deakin recording a total of 14 fish on small wet flies and Diawl Bachs ; Season Permit holder Mr. Peter Jeffries  returned a total of 17 fish from the South Lake banks, all caught on small orange and white lures. Best of the visiting rods on the 18th were Mr. David Felton who returned an impressive  21 fish from the South Lake banks, all to Montana variations whilst Mr. Fred Salt recorded a total of 15 fish, again on the very productive South Lake, this time using a small Cat’s Whisker to great effect. The incredible upturn in sport continued on the 19th with further double-figure returns including for visiting rod Mr. Phil Roper with 16 fish all caught on black and green lures, with the best being a cracking 4lb over-wintered rainbow ; visiting rod Mr. Steve Cooper recorded the best bag of the week with his 27 fish, all caught on orange and green tadpole patterns from the banks of the South Lake ; visiting rod Mr. Phil Williams returned a total of 18 fish, including a stunning brown trout and 2 very shiny blues, all of which were tempted by an Apache lure or a red buzzer and visiting rod Mr. Mick Grant released all 17 of his fish, caught on various patterns including green and white lures, Viva, Diawl Bach and buzzers from the banks of the South Lake. On the 20th further decent returns were recorded by Permit holder Mr. Graham Wood who released 10 fish and visiting rod Mr. Peter Roberts who released all 14 of his fish – all of them caught on buzzer patterns from the South Lake. On the 21st visiting rod Mr. Stan Edinburgh recorded a total of 19 fish from the South Lake in what proved to be a very productive day for him. Also on the 21st we welcomed a group of anglers from Leeds Fly Dressers who paired up in boats for the day and based on the returns submitted achieved a rod average of 4.8.
The North Lake will open to all anglers on 1st May this year although some tracks around its perimeter are very waterlogged with high water levels still posing one or two issues for bank anglers. The tracks around the South Lake are all now open making it easier for bank anglers to access the different areas to suit the prevailing winds.
Finally this week anglers may be interested in a new website featuring all things fly fishing (including a great article about Blithfield by Andy Taylor) which can be found at
The rod average is  4.33
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