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Excellent sport as settled conditions return ...
A week of settled conditions resulted in some excellent sport with several double-figure bags being recorded throughout the week.
Most trout are starting to concentrate on fry patterns now although there are still a few to be had on dry flies when conditions are favourable. Fish are remaining high in the water and have moved closer into the margins now with some being caught within four feet of the water’s edge so the temptation to wade out too far must be resisted at first! Pheasant tail nymphs, red Diawl Bach and pearly Diawl Bach have all performed well and produced good results this week.
Noteworthy returns include on the 23rd for Season Permit holder Mr. Peter Jeffries with 9 fish, all caught on Shipman’s buzzer patterns from his drifting boat on the South Lake. The 24th was a great day for the visiting rods with Mr. Andrew Esplin and Mr. John Calvert pairing up in a boat and returning a total of 32 fish between them on various patterns and tactics. On the same day Mr. Pete Eville fished from a boat on the South Lake and recorded a total of 20 to the boat again using various patterns and tactics to great effect. On the 26th visiting rod Mr. Steve Ratcliffe decided to use blobs from a boat on the South Lake and recorded a total of 16 fish throughout the day. The morning of the 27th saw fog descend over the reservoir and this lasted for most of the morning. However the trout were not deterred and Season Permit holders Mr. Brian Jones and Mr. Graham Wood both enjoyed good sport to their boat with a total return of 14 fish caught on various patterns and tactics. On the same day visiting rod Mr. Steve Owen recorded a total of 19 fish whilst boat fishing with all being caught on either PTN or Viva patterns just sub-surface. Rounding off yet another productive week on the 29th were visiting rods Mr. R. Mason and Mr. A. Oliver who paired up in a boat on the South Lake and, using white lures and nomad patterns, returned a not-so-unlucky total of 13 fish to their boat. The best fish recorded this week was to visiting rod Mr. James Couper with a 4lb 6ozs rainbow trout caught from the bank of the South Lake on a Diawl Bach.
A reminder this week that the reservoir closes to syndicate and day visitors on the 17th November.
The current rod average is 3.05
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