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Calm before the storm produces great returns ...
A reasonably calm, settled week with gradually rising air temperatures saw an upturn in autumnal fly life across the water. This resulted in some excellent sport and great returns as the week progressed with dry fly tactics being particularly productive.
Boat angling still provides the best coverage of the water but banks are also fishing well, the South Lake being the most productive of the two.
Notable returns this week include on the 9th for Season Permit holder Mr. Trevor Horton with a total of 8 fish to his boat on the South Lake ; for Season Permit holder Mr. John Henshall with a bag total of 9 fish to his boat, again on the South Lake, all caught on Daddy Long Legs imitations with the best being a 2lb 12ozs rainbow, whilst the boat pairing of Season Permit holders Mr. Alan Barker and Mr. Pat Burton managed a total of 12 fish to their boat. The best of the visiting permit returns on the day was for Mr. David Hollyoak with a total bag of 12 fish, all caught from the banks of the South Lake on Shipman’s buzzer patterns. Further good returns came on the 10th with visiting rod Mr. Peter Stacey recording a total of 10 fish from the banks of the South Lake and visiting rod Mr. Geoffrey Forman returning a total bag of 19 fish, including a tiger trout – all caught from the South Lake banks on white lures. Further good returns came on the 11th for Season Permit holder Mr. Rod Singer with a total of 10 fish to his boat on the South Lake all caught on Shipman’s buzzer patterns ; also on the 11th visiting rod Mr. David Felton enjoyed great sport fishing into the wind along Mary-Lou’s and Mickledale Bay – using Cat’s Whiskers to good effect he returned a total bag of 16 fish. On the 12th visiting brothers Mr. R. Snape and Mr. D. Snape paired up in a boat and recorded a total bag of 15 fish between them, again all caught on Cat’s Whisker lures whilst visiting rods Mr. Paul Page and boat partner Mr. Sandy Booth returned a total of 12 fish.  Bank angling also produced good results with Season Permit holder Mr. Alan Miles returning a total bag of 10 fish and visiting rod Mr. Tony Parton recorded a total of 8 fish. The 13th continued to produce decent returns with visiting rods Mr. Greenwood and Mr. Sparks pairing up in a boat on the South Lake and recording a total of 11 fish between them using dry flies and boobies. As the week drew to a close Season Permit holder Mr. Geoff Allsop, who represented Blithfield in the 2017 Troutmasters Final recently, returned a total of 10 fish to his boat on the 14th whilst on the 15th regular visitor Mr. Rod Tilton recorded 10 fish to his boat, all caught on dry flies, in just 3 hours’ fishing. On the same day father and son duo Mr. Martin Windsor and son Stephen fished from the banks of the South Lake with Martin just edging his son by 8 fish to 7 – all caught on small floating fry patterns.
A reminder to all anglers this week that on the 28th and 29th October  there will be pike fishing taking place at the reservoir and therefore there may be very few boats available. Please enquire before your visit if you plan on boat angling on these dates on 01283 840284.
Blithfield will close to visiting rods and syndicate anglers on Friday 17th November this year.
The current rod average is 4.41
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