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Westlow catch returns
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Despite difficult strong winds at times and high water temperatures (now slowly decreasing) the rod average is still a creditable 3.6.
A random observation one afternoon this week revealed that the attending anglers ranged in age from 93 to 68 years young. As is well recognised, our sport needs to attract more young people and to this end Blithfield Anglers continues to offer free tackle hire, free tuition and free fishing to novice under-16’s who are accompanied by an adult.... Please contact the office on 01283 840284 to arrange your visit.
Noteable returns this week include on the 17th for Season Permit holder Dr. Ian Greaves with 8 fish to his boat on the South Lake, all caught on size 14 Daddy Long Legs imitations. A change in air pressure and conditions on the 18th saw a sharp increase in the number of fish caught on the top of the water – great returns were submitted by Permit holder Mr. Norman Swinson with a total of 14 fish to his boat, all on dry flies ; for Season Permit holder Mr. Geoff Allsop with 12 fish to his drifting boat on the South Lake caught on nymph patterns and dry flies ; Season Permit holders Mr. Roger Goring and Mr. Edwin Biddle paired up in a boat and, using dry flies to great effect, returned a total of 41 fish between them ; Season Permit holder Mr. Peter Jeffries recorded a total bag of 16 fish to his boat, all caught on Shipman’s buzzer and Shuttlecock CdC patterns ; it was also a successful day for visiting rods with Mr. Alex Hayward and Miss Cheryl Beastall returning a total of 26 fish to their boat whilst Mr. Alan Topping and Mr. Bill Robinson recording 22 fish between them, again all caught on the top of the water on dry fly patterns. Continuing the productive theme on the 19th were Permit holders Mr. Graham Wood and Mr. Brian Jones who paired up in a boat on the South Lake and returned 26 fish between them, again all caught on dry flies, whilst visiting rod Mr. Yousef Dar returned a total of 26 fish to his boat using the same tactics. The 21st saw father and son boat pair Mr. Graham Roden and Mr. Chris Roden enjoy some great sport using red buzzer patterns to record a total of 13 fish to their boat on the South Lake. On the 22nd Season Permit holder Mr. Phil Sadler returned 11 fish with the ever-useful Shipman’s buzzer once again proving to be most successful.
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