Welcome to the 2008 Excavation

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March 27th, 2008, 9:01 pm #1

Hello and greetings fellow Vindolandans! Hard to believe that a new year is closing in. Having missed the '07 season myself, it was good fun being able to watch the year unfold from the good old armchair. Hopefully this space will be the site of many revelations, conversations, and pictures-pictures-pictures.

A precautionary word. As with last year, it is a shame that we have to use any caution in talking about specific finds, and we certainly don't want to nip good conversations in the bud. But as folks post, just two basic groundrules to keep in mind:

1. Before you describe anything you've found, imagine if you could picture it being sold on eBay. If so, please think twice.

2. If you are keeping a personal blog, awesome. But rather than linking to your blog site here at the forum, please consider posting here a quick cut-and-paste of selected text from your blog. As administrator, my #1 responsibility is security. And I can't maintain security on linked sites.

Thanks all, and here's to a fabulous 2008 digging season!