Ravenglass fort excavation

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I visited the community excavation at Ravenglass this week, the fort is in on the edge of the west Lake District and sits on the edge of the estuary. The Vicus excavation lies on the landward side of the fort.
A large set of foundation stones appearing with a possible passageway lower right

Higher up the slope, an area of burning and industrial use?

A view of the excavation with the roman bathhouse in the background, the fort is behind the trees top left of the photo

A quern stone or door pivot hole? Discussions on site still ongoing I was told.

Carbonised planks appearing

The planks are under the upper recording frames, in the same trench a possible collapsed wall (centre) and a late or post roman track? (Lower right)

A guided tour within the fort now free of the forestry plantation. The landscape archaeologist is standing on the site of the north gate with fort ditch to the right
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Thanks for posting Pete, interesting to see other excavations in progress. That's an impressive height of stonework (bath-house) remaining above ground, good to see a site where stone robbers didn't decimate it.

Is this lottery funded? Are the excavator volunteers having to pay?

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I looked into the Ravenglass site when sorting out various sites for our Archaeological group to visit next July and alas, we'd be too early, as it started in September this year and is only on for 2 years - the 2nd one is also in September.

However, here is a useful link


which tells you a lot about what is going on.

English Heritage website:
http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/days ... -research/

Hope that helps answer a few questions.
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