New Digger's Guide page - Vindolanda on Foot

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November 26th, 2009, 3:22 am #1

Hi all! Long-time WeDig'er, and new co-admin, Tim "Badger" Wolter has just put together for the Digger's Guide a page near and dear to him: Vindolanda on Foot. Over the years Tim's learned many tricks for surviving -- and getting the most out of -- the wild lands of Tynedale without a car of his own. This is an excellent guide, chock-a-bloc with tips & links to nearby accommodation, food, provision, and transportation options. It's a perfect anchor for the Digger's Guide's long-overdue "Getting Oriented" section.

Thanks a bunch for this, Tim! As always, any thoughts & comments from the WeDig community are heartily welcomed.

- Harry
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