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23 April

Week 3 diggers had gloriously warm weather and worked steadily with the aid of packets of chocolate digestives and chocolate chip cookies. The official opening took place with diggers invited to taste Roman style food after their day's work. Food very tasty.

Both revamped museums are very impressive. You can see where the money went on them and there has obviously been a tremendous amount of hard work gone into getting it all put together. The Vindolanda museum is very light and airy with a section showing the famous writing tablets and an audio visual display of Robin Birley giving information about them. In both Carvoran and Vindolanda the exhibits are now displayed in much bigger cases that show them off really well. There seemed to be highlights around every corner. We were shown round on Day 1 as part of the induction but there's so much to take in that I'll need to go back for another more detailed look later.

The Carvoran museum has interesting audio visual displays detailing how a legion was made up, a soldier telling recruits what to expect when they join up and also dramatisation of soldiers going about their duties. There are large exhibits showing information about forts etc on the line of Hadrian's Wall. Then there's the 3D film which is very effective. We went as a group as part of the week's timetable on Day 4 and once again I'll have to go back as there was so much to take in - possibly 2 hours worth.

Photos to follow though not of the musems as no photos allowed.

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Terry & Pauline have compiled another set of amazing photos, this time from Week 3. The set in its entirety (with captions) can be found here. Below are a few excerpts.

"The Dolicheneum consolidation. Looking north at the consolidation."

"Barrack block looking south east. After lunch in very hot weather, diggers returning to trowelling duties."

"Barrack block looking south after lunch. Whole team shown working on different rooms. Bill, John, Terry and Pete at the top. Pete's wearing a French legion style hat, he's not just a body part this time."

"Barrack block looking east. Close up of previous photo. Antonine road goes under the barracks' wall."

"Clearing up looking west. Centre of photo, progress in 4 rooms in a row."

"Jim looking over his and Dilys' area at clearing up time. Looking south - Antonine road to the right, drain in the middle and oven to the left (slightly over the drain)."

"Clearing up time looking south. Drain in centre. Antonine road and curve of a Severan roundhouse to the right."