Gearing up by looking back

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March 16th, 2011, 3:25 pm #1

Spring is in the air. Here in Maine the snow is finally melting and grass is showing. That means one thing: The digging season is almost here!

After many months in mothballs, I'll be trying to get We Dig Vindolanda ready for the '11 season over the next few weeks. As a start, I've just finished off a new Digger's Guide page: A Visual History of Excavations. It's a brief view of 200 years of archaeological discovery. Scroll your mouse and watch the site unfold from its earliest beginnings through the 2010 season.

This first version contains line-drawing plans of the site as visitors would have seen it at 25 points in history. If it's well-received, I'll extend the drawings to include photos of the archaeology, both as it is now, and at its moment of reveal. (The latter will rely heavily on the photo albums of all you WeDig'ers!)

Anyway, hats off to the entire Vindolanda Trust crew. All early word of the new museum, the video, etc. are that it's world-class, top-notch. I'm so excited to hear from WeDig'ers and see it all for myself!
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