Early Season Dig '06

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November 10th, 2006, 1:52 am #1

My wife Katie and I spent a week in early April working in Justin's crew. We worked the eastern edge of the season's dig boundary discovering a possible floor or road and tracking a wall that seemed to be diving into a ditch or depression. At least that was the thought at the time :D . We were unable to excavate more than about 18" down due to the saturation of the ground. I am wondering if anyone on the forum dug in the same area later in the Summer and has new info. about what lurked below in the waterlogged soil. The top finds for our week of excavation was a glass gaming piece, the whole top to a wine flagon, a stamped piece of T.S., and a small bit of dressed stone. Justin did find a coin on the last day but it was so corroded it fell apart and was unable to give any diagnostic info. I would love to hear about everyone's dig experiences and any interesting finds stories.

I've attached a photo of teh area Katie and I were excavating in early April. Does it look familiar to anyone? I'm interested in reading about any other experiences from this part of the dig or any other for that matter :)
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