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May 10th, 2009, 10:30 am #21

Finds were numerous on Site A last week. Sorry for the need to be a bit close mouthed.

Where I was digging was on the surface of the last road on the site, and in an adjacent drain. This was mostly "residual" finds, stuff knocking around in the last Roman era and on into the Dark Ages. It was a nice surprise that some of this was preserved, perhaps the formidable stone walls discouraged plowing to some extent.

Not sure if I advanced the cause of Romano British scholarship too far, but one odd bronze (possibly enameled) object did come up from the road surface. It would be interesting to know what it turns out to be.

Fun stuff on the other end of the site too.

When the pictures are posted you will note that Andrew had a good sized cohort to command, and remarkably, all Vindolanda veterans.

Tim Wolter