Anthony Hedley & Sir Walter Scott

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Anthony Hedley built Chesterholm (now Vindolanda's museum) and made the first scientific digs at Vindolanda in the early 1800s. He also was apparently a close friend & frequent guest of the great romanticist Sir Walter Scott. Many times he was invited to visit Sir Walter's estate of Abbatsford, in Melrose, Scotland. (Chesterholm is even said to be built in the "Abbotsford" style.) In the Gentleman's Magazine, volume 153 (1833), it's related that:

Mr. Hedley, in one of his visits to Abbotsford, was pressed to stay some time longer than his invitation extended to; but, knowing that much company was expected on the day he should have left, he endeavoured to obtain his release, through fear of crowding the house. "Take ye no heed of that; ye shall be comfortably lodged, and incommode nobody," was Sir Walter's reply. After the whole of the party had retired to rest, the baronet took a lantern and conducted Mr. H. through an open court into a passage, which led to a snug suite of sleeping apartments, and said, "Ye see, Maister Hedley, this is over my stables -- a hundred years since I would ha' trusted never a Northumberland borderer to sleep sae near my horses."
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