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West Coast Remix - Wallpaper Tutorial For Begginers

Welcome to the first official wallpaper tutorial, brought to you by the team here at West Coast Remix. This tutorial will give all you beginers an insight on how to create your very own desktop wallpapers. I will go through each step thoroughly, to ensure
we get the job done first time. If you have any further questions, visit the FAQ page here.

Step 1: Open up your version of Adobe Photoshop

Step 2: Go to File > New

Step 3: A box will appear requesting for details. The numbers we will be inputting are just page sizes.

Step 3: Enter - Width: 1024 pixels
Height: 768 Pixels
Also, make sure the Transperent box is ticked. It is located under the contents menu. Furthermore, select RGB (apposed to CMYK which is used primarily for print or Grayscale)

Step 4: Now we are ready to start. We will start off by getting the picture we wish to use. Make sure its a big high quality one. The bigger the better.

Step 5: Place your picture in a new window.

Step 6: Select the eraser tool and slowly rub away the area around the player you are cropping. Make sure you rub away a little bit of their skin/jersey so it looks clean cut. Also, try make your movements fluent so the player is not jagged.

Step 7: Keep your cropped picture ready to copy over into your wall. For now we will make a simple bg, ready for you to put your picture on.

Step 8: Select 2 colors of your choice. Do this by picking 2 colors from the color selection tool in the tool bar. Try and chose team colors. EG. Marbury Orange and Blue. Kobe Purple and Yellow

Step 9: Go to Filter>Render>Clouds. As you can see, clouds have been placed in the bg. Now to spice it up.

Step 10: Go to Filter>Blue>Radial Blur. Make sure intensity is set to 100 and method is Zoom. Do this twice.

Step 11: Now copy your cropped picture (CTRL A then CTRL C) and paste it onto your clouded bg you made in steps 8 through 10. Now paste it on the coulds (CTRL V)

Step 12: Move your picture into the middle of the document by using the aarow tool located in the toolbar. By putting the picture in the middle, gives the affect that the player is creating teh energy from behind.

Step 12: Now to add some text. We want to make the wall look clean, aswell as looking good. Chose a font (Impact, Verdana or any other fonts you have downloaded that are boxy and simple) and put your chosen text on the wall. Name, team, number, position, stats can all be included.

Step 13: Situate the text in a nice position. Possibly
underneath or over the top of the player.

Step 14: Now add some credits. These let people know who made the wallpaper and also give credit to the picture sources. A suggestion for a credit line would be.
Pictures From: www.nba.com Wall By: John Smith (john@email.com)

Your done! Save it as a .jpeg file and also a .psd file. Put it on your desktop and admire! If you need to make changes, go ahead and do so!