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Ok, this will be the format.

comment: detailed instructions.

NOTE: no need for comments in this thread, just tips that way it'll be easier to use for everyone. BUT please do comment when people post walls though.


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take the image, then go to:

1.image, mode, grayscale
2.image, mode, duotone on ink 2, then find a dark goldish color, then click ok
4.filter, artistic, film grain, adjust the levels

to finish off just edit the contrast and then saturation.

there's other ways of doing it like desaturating ur image then set a color overlay of dark gold, over it, then film grain.

but with fine tunning you can get some awesome details with the first method.


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1. make a new image any size you want white bg
2. Filter > Texture > Grain, intensity 100% contrast 100% grain type=vertical
3. Have a black as your foreground and white as ur background colors
4. Filter > Artistic > Neon Glow, glow size 5 brightness 15 glow color= light blue
5. Filter > Stylize > Glowing Edge, edge 1 brightness 8 smoothness 1, and you're done.

After that u can make it brighter by goind to brightness/contrast and increasing the contrast, and to change the color u just go to hue/saturation and get the color u want.

Wallpaper example:


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1) I got that same tmac cropped pic and I pasted it on a VERY large document (Ex. 1500 by 1500).
2) filter>distort>polar coordinates>polar to rectangular
3) image>rotate canvas>90 degrees CW
4) filter>stylize>wind:
method: wind
direction: from the right
5) do the last step again
6) filter>stylize>wind:
method: wind
direction: from the left
7) do the last step again
8 ) do step four again
9) image>rotate canvas>90 degrees CCW
10) filter>distort>polar coordinates>rectangular to polar
11) filter>blur>radial blur:
amount: 100
blur method: zoom
quality: good
12) do the last step again

THATS IT, then i just streched it out so it covers most of the wallpaper.


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On the top of photoshop, go to:

1) Image - adjustments - hue/saturation -

2) Check colorize box:

Then just play with the levels and get the color you want.


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1. Copy the image and paste it into a new window with a transparent background.

2. Zoom in to about 400% to 500%.

3. Use the eraser tool and erase away everything you dont want in the picture, be sure to cut a little bit out of the players skin to make sure it look crisp.


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- Adobe Photoshop is primarily an image editing program, therefore it is crucial to develop ones skills in the image enhancement options of Photoshop.

- The Main image adjusting items are:
1. Brightness/Contrast
2. Levels
3. Curves
4. Color Balance
All of these options can be found in the image > adjustments category of photoshop.

- When adjusting an image, the major concern is of color and of trying to avoid dull images. Brightness/Contrast is your best friend when trying to avoid dull pictures. Although adjusting brightness will help in working with lighting, the best method is definately using Curves. Overall, here are only a few commonly used image adjusting tools in photoshop, putting them to use will definately enhance your work.


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1: Select your 2 pictures and overlap them slightly.

2: Select the Square Marquee Tool (You can also use the Polygonal lasoo). At the top of the screen, you will see an option called feather. Its deafult is 0px. Change it to 15px.

3: Using the Square Marquee, select the end of one picture. (The whole side of it. Dont Worry, the square's corners will turn circle!

4: Now press the delete button. Do this for both pictures.

5: Move both pictures closer together and there you have it.

6: Here is a nice example were blendege has been used:


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step 1: Open up any picture you like, "whole-body" pics work best with this effect.

Step 2: grab the LASSO TOOL or ( press L on your keyboard )

Step 3: On top where it says FEATHER enter 20

Step 4: Now make a quick rough outline of the player with the lasso tool, but leave a small space in between the edge of the player and your selection, check the example:

Continue and finish the selection (dont worry, the feather will smooth out your selection), should have something like this:

Step 5: Now go to select > inverse, which will inverse your selection.

Step 6: Finally go to Filter > blur > radial blur, enter amount: 100, blur method: Zoom and press ok. Now add some brightness/contrast or anything you want to make it better, then just go to select > deselect. Final result:

You can also apply different blurs or filters instead of the radial blur. But there it is, a quick phothoshop trick.


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By: C~Ca$h aka Chris Johnson

Necessary Programs:
1. Internet Explorer / Netscape Navigator etc.
2. Adobe Photoshop
3. WinZip

Downloading Grunge Brushes:

To download grunge brushes, you will need to find a site with brushes that you like. A good website for grunge brushes is You could also go to Google and run a search engine for brushes.

If you decide to use Pixel Chick, then once you enter the site click on the button that says RESOURCES up at the top. It will redirect you to another page with helpful tools for photoshop. All that we care about right now are the brushes. Scroll down a bit and click when you see the section labeled "Brushes". Scroll down until you see a set labeled scratches. This one works well, but any of these fine brushes should do the trick. Click Download under the brush you want. A Pop-Up will come and it should say "File Download" at the top of the Pop-Up. Towards the bottom, click Save. Then save it to a directory that you can remember that its in or save it to your desktop in a new folder.

After the download has completed(shouldn't take long, even with 56k), a "download complete" Pop-Up will come and towards the bottom it will say "Open". Click "Open". Then WinZip should Pop-Up. If you have the evaluation version, then make sure you choose "Use Evaluation Version". You will see a document in WinZip called "scratches.abr".

Select "scratches.abr" and up at the top it will say "Extract". Click the extract button and a new Pop-Up will come up that says Extract at the top. In the large box labeled Folders/drives: scroll up to the top and find where it says "Destop"; click that and on the right side, click the Extract button.

After that you can close WinZip. Then, minimize all of your windows so that you are at your desktop. The file should look like a gray and blue square with a paintbrush that has a blue handle. Highlight the file "scratches" on your desktop by right clicking on it. After you have it highlighted, click Copy.

Then, after you have copied it, go to the Start button and then go to "My Computer". Click on the C Drive. Click Program Files. Click on Adobe. Click Photoshop 7.0. Click Presets. Click Brushes. Then Press Ctrl + V. You may now close that window

Open up Photoshop and Select the paintbrush or just hit the letter B on your keyboard. Then up at the top where it says "Brush:" Click on the Arrow pointing down and a menu should flyout from it. Then in the top right corner of the menu, click on the arrow thats pointing to the right and in that menu, click "Load Brushes" Then, in the popup(at the top of the popup it should say "Load") click on your file scratches.(or whatever brush you just downloaded).

Using Your New Brushes:

The easist way to apply a grunge effect to text is to simple use the Eraser Tool (just press E in photoshop) and erase part of your text to your heart's content. I would suggest that you don't erase to much, otherwise the text will become un-readable and totally defeat the purpose of having text all together. Try combinations of different brushes together and attempt to find something you like by changing the opacity and flow of the brushes(located at the top of photoshop when you have the eraser tool selected).

You can also add some nice textures to your artwork by making a regular square (just hit the U key on your keyboard) and then erasing part of it or adding a splash-o-color by appling the same effect by using the Paintbrush (simply hit the B key on your keyboard).

Just play around with your new brushes and you should come out with some things that you genuinly like and that help your piece out.

Creating Your Own Brushes:

Open a picture. Just choose any picture, it doesn't really matter much. Experiment with different styles to give you different looks. Once you have it open, go to

--Image>Adjustments>Desaturate -- this will just turns your wall to black and white colors only

--Image>Adjustments>Curves -- play with this until you get a nice look of contrast. click ok.

Now, just look for spots in the image that would look good as brushes. Try to find something new in your image to get something new and fresh. Then using the Rectangular Marquee tool, select an area that you like. Then,

--Edit>Define Brush -- In the popup, name it something you will remember.

Then, Select the paintbrush or just hit the letter B on your keyboard. Then up at the top where it says "Brush:" Click on the Arrow pointing down and a menu should flyout from it. Then in the top right corner of the menu, click on the arrow thats pointing to the right and in that menu, click "Load Brushes" Then, in the popup(at the top of the popup it should say "Load") click on your file that you just named (the one you were sappost to remember)

Hope that helps you guys out!


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There are numerous ways of cropping the basketball properly, to make it seem perfectly circular. The obvious and correct way as you might have guessed is done using the elliptical marquee selection tool.

Before you go through cropping your image, before you crop anything at all, crop the ball first. By that you should hold alt + ctrl and from the center of the ball move outwards trying to make the perfect circular selection. Once you are satisfied with your circular selection, you can simply move over to the polygon lasso tool, hold the shift key and begin cropping the remainder of the image.

I hope this helps, give it a shot, it always takes me a few trys to get the perfect ball cropped, but hey thats how it is with designing, nothing comes to you at first. If you have any questions at all, im sure others as well as myself can help ya out. Good luck!

Here's another tip...when you crop the ball with the circular marquee...just make it another layer then you dont have to worry about it for a while then just merge the 2 layers once you get the rest of the player cropped.


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Step 1 >>
Open up a picture that you want to use. Make sure that the person is touching the ground and the picture needs to be cropped. EX. Dont use a picture if they are dunking and they are in the air.

Step 2 >>
Make two differnt copies of the picture one normal and one flipped vertically.

Step 3 >>
Paste both pictues on a new white blank image. (Make sure it is big enough for both pictures to fit)

Step 4 >>
Take your eraser tool and erase about half the picture so you can only see half of the reflection.

Step 5 >>
Depending on the picture you may want to skip this step but generally speeking in a reflection you lose some of the color so I like to lower the contrast and spice it up by upping the brightness.


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1. Make a new document size 1x2 px
2. Zoom in all the way, fill the top part white (or whatever color you want ur lines to be)
3.Go to edit>define pattern. A window will pop up, name it and click ok

*after that it should appear in the list with all the other patterns. Then you just put it on pics or whatever and lower the opacity.


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1 - Open up your 1024 x 768 pixeled transperent document.

2 - Find around 5 large pictures of landscapes and make a simple collage.

3 - Go to Filter > Blur > Radial Blur with Intensity at 100 and Type on Zoom.

4 - Repeat Step 3 twice.

5 - Now Image > Adjust > Brightness and Contrast.

6 - Increase the Contrast as much as when the picture looks nice and flashy.

7 - Thats it. Place a picture in the middle, maybe add some scan lines, some text and wolla. Finished!

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Cropping using the Eraser - By Default

1. Take photo that I want to crop and choose "copy"

2. Open a new window with "New", choose transparent

3. Change your foreground color to a very bright color, I normally use the
brightest neon green I can find.

4. In the new window choose "Fill" and choose "foreground color"

5. Go back to your picture you want to crop, "copy" and "paste" it into the new window which should be the same size so you won't be able to see any of the green.

6. Now pick your polygonal lasso tool and cut around where you're going to crop, don't worry it can be a jagged cut. You don't have to take barely any time on this part, but cut as close as you can without having to zoom.

7. If you did it correct you'll be able to see green now. Now zoom in as much as you feel comfortable, and use the eraser tool to crop around the player or person. Basically you're cutting to see the most green. Zoom out if you are unsure whether or not, a place should be cut close or not. It'll take a little practice to make it not jagged, but it's not too hard after awhile.

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When you are finished making your wallpaper, got to File->Save For Web or press ctrl-shift-alt-s. Then make sure the image type is JPG. You can lower to about 60 quality without losing much...

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1.first open a 400x400 white bg.make sure the color are in default mode.if not press D on ur keyboard.

2.go to filter->render->Clouds.

3.Then go to filter->render->Difference Clouds.

4.Then go to filter->Artistic->Plastic Wrap,add these settings,highlight strength:15 Detail:9 | Smoothness:7.

5.Then go to filter->Sketch->Water Paper,add these settings,fiber length:15 brightness:80 | contrast:80.

6.Then go to filter->Distort->Wave,add these settings,number of generators:35 |
wavelength: Min:673 Max:673 | Amplitude : 5 and the other one 35 | Scale:horiz.:100% | Vert.:81% | Type:Sine | Undefined Areas : Reapat Edge Pixels.and apply ok.

7.Then Duplicate the layer.And on the duplicated layer,go to edit->transform->Rotate 90 degrees CW.Then set the blending mode to Overlay.

8.Duplicate the Background copy layer and then go to edit->transform->Rotate 180 degrees.

9.Now adding color to it click on the background copy 2 layer and hold ctrl+U.check the colorize box and add these settings,Hue:0 | Saturation:38.then apply ok.

10.Now click on the background copy layer and hold ctrl+U,check the colorize box and add these settings:Hue:54 | Saturation:30.apply ok.

11.Now go to Layer->Merge Visibile.

12.Now Duplicate the background layer.and go to edit->transform->Rotate 180 Degrees and set the blending mode to overlay then go to layer->merge visibile.

Thats it!Have fun With the colors though.

This is how it should look like:


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ok, there are alot of ways to make a vector for images..but for those who are to lazy..
here's how u make "a fake vector", it's easy and simple as claping..

1. Open up your picture

2. Click Filter > Artistic >Poster Edges (leave the settings as they)

3. Click Filter > Artistic > cutout and add the following settings: (levels 8; edge simplicity 5; edge fidelity 2)

and that's it!!

Its as easy as that!..and it looks pretty good also!


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Nice Looking Borders

Aight,Im gonna teach u how to make those nice looking borders around some sigs and walls,etc...

1.First open ur graphic or sig or wall anything that u have finished b4.

2.Then right click on the background layer and click "DUPLICATE LAYER".

3.Then on tha background copy wich is in the layers pallete.right click on it and click "BLENDING OPTIONS".

4.Now u will see a window that is going to pop out with alot of options on tha left make sure on that tha window is called "layer style".

5.Ok,Now you will see alot of options on tha i said it b4 and at the end of tha list u will see an option called stroke..."CHECK THA BOX" and "HIGHLIGHT" it to to make sure...

6.Now apply these settings:



Blend Mode:Overlay

Opacity: 100%

Fill Type:Color


7.Press go to layer-->Merge Visible.*to make sure that uve merged ur layers.

Here is my final result:


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My first tutorial :D

Cartoon Tutorial

1. Open up an image any size you want.
2. Paste at least two pictures of your choice in the picture.
3. Layer > Flatten Image
4. Try to get one bacground color. (cropping and pasting is also possible , but more suitable for the exprienced ones.)
5. Add a little brightness. (Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast) +6 or something is perfect.
6. Duplicate layer.
7. Filter > Stylize > Find Edges
8. Set Blending mode to Overlay. (others are also possible , just play around until you get te effect you want)

That's it :)

Here's what i got:

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*note*this tutorial work very good with bitmap fonts....

1.first of all ur gonna open a pic or a graphic u finished.

2.pick up the text tool and write ur text.

3.Now on the layers palette...right click on ur text layer.

4.In tha styles section at ur left first of all check drop shadow and leave tha drop shadow settings as they are then check the outer glow box.
Use these settings for the outer glow:

Blend Mode:Screen



now ull see a kind of a box with a color click on that and choose the outer glow that u want.*note*make the gradient go to ur color to transperant if u know what i mean.




Contour:Select tha diagonal one wich is half grey and half white.DO NOT CHECK ANTI-ALIASED



5.Finally now press OK.

6.Now we are going to merge tha layers wich is Layer-->Merge Visible


here what i got:

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Jersey Switching

1. Use a picture to start with. I'll use this one.

2. Clear out the jersey using the patch tool. It should look like this after you are done.

3. Now Get the logo for the team. I've chosen to do AI in a Cavs jersey. Here is my logo.

4. Drag the logo to the pic. Scale it to fit the jersey.

5. Clear out the star on AI's jersey trim with the Patch tool. Then place the Cavaliers C in the pic. Do a color overlay of gold. Scale it. Place it where the star was. Choose any picture of a Cav With the number 3 on his jersey. Drag it. Place it on the jersey. This is what I have now.

6. (Optional step) If you would like a watermark, choose the color white type any text over the picture. I put SHOWtime. Lower the opacity to 25%. The purpose of a Watermark is to have no one steal your work. Here is the final outcome.

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+Backgound Lines and Circles

this is helpful to add detail and fill in space in your background.


1. Creat a new layer. Right click on the rectangular marquee tool
2. Select the circle option
3. Drag out a circle (holding down shift creates a perfect circle)
4. Once the area is selected dont touch anything
5. Go up to Edit>Stroke and add a stroke of your choice
6. Your done. To add some more flavor set the layer to overlay.


1. Go to the shape tool and right click on it
2. Select line
3. Up top select the pixel width of your desired line
4. Drag the line out. Holding shift will give you a perfect line
5. Your done. You can give it an outer glow or set it to overlay for some more looks.

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I know im pretty giving all out my
aight if u want to know how to add those nice motions to ur pic u better read carefully...

1.First of all paste ur cropped pic on a ready made bg or wall or anything...

2.then add some contrast,image->adjustments->brightness/contrast...
contrast:40...depends on tha pic... this is tha main part of tha tutorial.on ur layers pallette...right click on layer 1 and select duplicate layer. there are two new layers now theres one called layer 1 and the other layer 1 once on the layer 1 and then go to filter->blur->motion blur.
use these settings:
angle:0 or -90
distance: 35 pixels
press ok. we have to merge tha layers so go to layer->merge visible.


this how it should look like...

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wanna know how to make ur pic dark...and stylish...??this is the right tut for it...try it out...

1.Duplicate ur cropped this below

and this is how it should look when u duplicated ur layer... on the duplicated layer...set the blending mode to overlay. click on the first layer that u had...for example go to image->adjustments->desaturate

5.duplicate the overlayed layer... on ur first overlayed pic...not the one u duplicated the one u had b4....

7.Repeat step 4....

8.Now u have to merge the layers...hold shift+ctrl+E...



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