Code of Conduct

Adam Mays
Joined: 11:00 PM - Jan 02, 2017

4:20 AM - Jan 03, 2017 #1

We have no issue with basic, everyday curse words that most would deem as innocuous. However, we do have a very basic word filter, and some of the more offensive, disrespectful or inflammatory words/terms are censored on this board.

Do not try to get around filtered words by adding letters/characters to them. Any attempts to do so could result in warnings. Repeated abuses could result in a suspension and /or ban.

This includes: any type of advertising, click baiting and/or any form of commercial solicitation...any material that interferes with, causes issues with, or otherwise prohibits well as repeatedly and purposely posting off-topic messages or any content that impedes, derails or hijacks threads.

Members who are found to be spamming or trolling, will be immediately warned and could be suspended. Repeated offenses may result in a permanent ban.

In addition, no member may have more than one registered account. If found to have an additional account, the user will be given an immediate warning (and possible suspension) and the alt account(s) will deactivated. If the alt account was used for obvious trolling purposes, the user could receive an extended suspension or permanent ban.

Personal attacks are any communications that are intended to harass, belittle, humiliate, threaten or cause embarrassment to a fellow member. There is absolutely no need for this.

In addition, no intentional hateful language will be tolerated...including racial slurs, bigotry of any type, or purposeful insults pertaining to gender or sexual preference. Posting such things is entirely inappropriate and has no place on this board.

If you can't make your points and/or disagree with another member(s) without resorting to a personal attack- then it's better to just not reply to the user(s) or perhaps avoid posting in that topic altogether.

Any instance of a personal attack will result in a warning. Repeated instances by a member will result in a suspension, and could lead to a permanent ban.

This is material, that if posted...will receive an automatic warning, and could lead to an automatic suspension/permanent ban, depending on the severity-

Absolutely no nudity or images/videos of sexual acts will be tolerated. If posted, the user will be immediately banned, with no exceptions.

Posting or linking to things that contain illegal content, advocates illegal activity, uses unauthorized copyrighted material, or displays obscene materials...will result in a warning, and possibly more if the the action is continued.

As a member of, and by using the Board, you have agreed to follow the 'Code of Conduct'. You have also acknowledged that you understand the disciplinary actions for violating board rules.

If you see a post, thread or member that is violating any of the rules contained in the CoC, you have the ability to bring it to the staff's attention via the report button or by sending a PM.

If you ever have a problem with another member, which you're are unable to resolve on your can notify a member of the staff and request their assistance with the issue.