What A 21st Century Battleship Could Look Like

Will Future Fire Support Programs Be Enough? Or Do We Need The Battlewagons Back?
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I also thought the off-the-shelf MLRS/NTACMS box launchers were odd.  Both un-stealthy and vulnerable.  Might save costs for a quick and dirty container ship conversion, but for something designed from scratch as an arsenal ship why not develop VLS for them? Or just use the standard VLS if they fit (not sure if they do)?  I'm also unclear on the gun caliber; it's not specified on the drawing.  Looks like it could be either a 155 mm AGS or a 5"/62.  Note the drawing date is 1995, so this is a pretty old design (note no rail gun proposed).

The CMF armor article the Chief posted is interesting.  Looks like they are carrying on the Chobham composite spaced armor concept a step or two further.  This could be the answer to providing reasonable protection at minimal cost in weight.  Any 20,000 ton + warship should have some degree of armor protection, that's just too big and costly to be expendable.  The USN certainly hasn't given up on armor protection for the big CVNs.  Of course in today's budget climate, any neo-battleship/arsenal ship design is just a pipe dream.  They could only afford to build three considerably smaller Zumwalts. I agree with Hark, we need more frigates first.

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FreshAirSnipe wrote:
MattReloaded wrote: LockMart Missile Ship / Arsenal Ship concepts :
Design a nice, expensive stealthy ship...and stick rectangular MLRS boxes on top. Genius!

Interesting if extreme design though.
No ship made of steel can be stealthy.  It is HIGHLY reflective across all frequencies.  Even if you coated it in RAM, SALT will make said surface reflective.  So, automated washing machine that is stealthy would be required.  Steel is required because if you DO have a problem you need to be able to weld under water. 

PS. Not to OP but to someone upthread, Railgun is dropped because the EMP from firing said railgun makes it impossible to put an INS in it.  Timed fuses are possible though. 

PPS. Biggest threat is mines and missiles IMO.  Solution mines: Hydrofoils a multitude of them.  Solution Missiles: LASERS.  Hundreds of them.  Of course the biggest thing no one is talking about is EMP hardening which once again destroys LASER/RADAR, so we need massive advance in those areas before contemplating a Battleship.  Besides the best solution to armor in a ship, is just a bazillion compartments.  Nothing known can shed Mach 5 missiles.  You might be able to shed M1 missiles... though lets not laugh too loudly all at the same time now unless there is a H-E-L-L of a lot of armor.