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Congress seems to get to name carriers, so USS Donald J. Trump seems unlikely at this time.  Later on, who knows?  They managed to name ships for both Carter and Reagan - only one of whom deserved it.  YMMV which one. 

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Of course something will eventually be named for Donald- he is a President, whatever you might think of him; as something will eventually be named for Obama, whatever might you think of him. But not, hopefully, until both have been out of office for a good number of years.

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mhansen2 wrote:
Phoenix04 wrote:
skipper101 wrote: I will bet my pension it will be USS TRUMP, I am almost surprised "his most greatness" (aka Pathetic wanker, with the most over inflated opinion of himself) hasn't had CVN 80 changed to TRUMP. 
You idiot.  
Maybe not so idiotic as you might think.  Let's wait and see.  I, too, will not be surprised if Trump's name is proposed CVN-81.  Remember, we're talking about Donald Trump, the self-confessed Genius.
The US can name their ships anything they want.  My "idiot" comment was to skippers puerile comments about President Trump.  Despite the fake news, never Trump media, obstructionist Democrats and morons like skipper, Trump is doing a fantastic job for America.  What he is doing for the rest of the world is a bonus i'm very glad of.

As for skippers pension, i doubt it would amount to much.  Judging by his comments it's probably a disability pension for a mental disorder.

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mhansen2 wrote:
vicvega wrote:
Lulz, if either one of you guys actually believes that it's possible that a carrier, or any kind of USN warship for that matter, gets named after Trump you've seriously gone around the bend.
We'll see.    

"Lulz?"  Well, I learned a new word.  Thanks.  🙂
Let me clarify that a bit, the chances of any sort of warship getting named for Trump while he's still in office is somewhere between slim and none. That said if he makes it two full terms and he's somehow able to cajole Congress into providing the funds to reverse the numerical decline in the USN I could see at some point down the road him perhaps getting a carrier named after him.

I think what will ultimately prevent guys like Clinton and Obama from getting any sort of warship named after them, much less a carrier, is the fact that neither served in the armed forces in any capacity, neither could be construed as being a friend of the USN and no significant international conflict of note came to a successful conclusion on their watch that they could take credit for.

Granted this might be a question best asked in the Politics forum, but given that there's been a handful of congressmen that have made noise about the increasingly politicized nature of US ship naming practices couldn't one or more, especially if they're a Senator, basically hold their vote hostage on an important piece of legislation unless said piece of legislation stripped SECNAVs of their ability to name naval vessels and handed it off to some sort of less politicized body?