Hope you ship history buffs can help USN WW I Four Stack DDs to AVD, APD and possibly AGP Info request

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Underway at 10:30 today so I got to make this quick.

Not sure this si the right place but you guys seem to be real history buffs.

I am looking for detailed info on the conversion of USN WW I Four Stack DDs to AVD, APD and  possibly AGP .  I know they lost a funnel and  Torpedo tubes but I am looking for exactly what else they lost and exactly what replaced those parts.  Deatils such as how many fire rooms and engine rooms remained and how they reallocated the space to accommodate their new missions would be very helpful.


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You are probably already familiar with it but if not this page:
Not only lists but has pictures all the APD conversions. 
This one lists some internal details:
... On 28 November 1938, the Navy’s oldest flush-deck destroyer, USS Manley, underwent the first of several exercises and modifications in quick succession until, by 7 February 1939, her forward two boilers and two stacks were replaced by a berthing compartment for 120 Marines and her four triple torpedo tubes mounts were replaced by davits to handle the new Higgins boats. One waist gun was deleted, the other moved to her centerline. ...

Manley, ex-Destroyer No. 74 and DD 74, was the first Caldwell-class destroyer commissioned—the first flush-decker. Converted as the prototype APD in 1938–39, she lost her two forward boilers in favor of quarters for troops. She also lost forward stacks, her 4-inch guns were replaced by 3-inch rapid-fire dual purpose guns and her four banks of torpedo tubes were replaced by davits for Higgins landing craft. She also stowed four machine guns on carts, one 75mm pack howitzer, ten boat guns and ammunition for a total gain of 33 tons. ...
Wiki also has some info at:
For the AVD's this page lists similar details:
This one seems to go into more details:
https://books.google.com/books?id=_RW1C ... vd&f=false

Given that it's been several months not sure if this is of any real help but ...