Armament Questions

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Armament Questions

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28 Nov 2017, 18:24 #1

Thinking of some ideas for a torpedo-heavy surface vessel.

Could submarine-like bow tubes be implemented, either above the waterline or below it on a surface vessel, firing forwards so as to not expose the broadside of the attacking vessel to the attacked?

Could multiple-tube torpedo banks be double-stacked, five wide and two high or similar, to allow a 2x5 bank in no greater space than a five-tube bank?

A little more extreme, thinking of some kind of revolver-like system holding 5 or so 18" torpedoes, with a power rammer to push torpedoes into tubes to give a torpedo boat or similar craft with fixed tubes the ability to rapidly fire and reload torpedo tubes?

Any of these at all possible?

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What time period are you talking about?

Early torpedoes were slow so firing them forward would risk the torpedo ship running over their own torpedo's.

Later ones were faster but I don't know how fast they were when first fired.

Submarines are not fast so they can have a bank of torpedoes firing forward

PT boats are  fast and they fired their torpedoes forward but to either side so that should work.  Any surface ship firing torpedo's probably needs to be fast to avoid enemy fire.

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I was thinking WWII era.

The rotary loading system for motor torpedo boats to allow a rapid reload and fire of torpedo tubes as a force multiplier for a small naval asset.

The forward-firing tubes for destroyers to allow them to fire one salvo of torpedoes on the run in on the target, then swing broadside on and unload the torpedo banks on the opponent.

The stacked two-by-five tube bank for cruisers for actions a la Bismarck & Scharnhorst, to allow cruisers a heavier torpedo punch.

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Well, the Nelrods had forward firing underwater tubes* but I guess that there wasn't much chance of them running down their own torpedoes....
What you need to bear in mind for stacked tubes or fancy reloading systems is the topweight, IIRC 21" torpedoes are around 2 tons.

*They were designed for the G3s; those ships were too fast for broadside underwater tubes, even with a bar the torpedoes would jam half way out.