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Ring Name:Johnny Raike
Real Name:Johnny Raike
Nicknames: “The Most Liberated Man in Professional Wrestling”
Birthdate:March 23, 1984
Height: 6’1”
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Pro Debut: February 2011 for Total Mayhem Wrestling
Gimmick: Self-Indulgent Hedonist
Alignment: Heel

Entrance Music: “Pure Morning” by Placebo
Ring Entrance: As the singing starts for Pure Morning Johnny emerges from behind the curtain, sauntering, lost in the music, and often running his hands sensually over his own chest. Attractive audience members are sometimes given a card with his phone number, provided they answer yes to “you legal?”


Wrestling Style: Catch as catch can with a focus on kicks

Finishing Move: Pleasure Seeker
Finishing Move Description: Worst Case Scenario/Duat Driver

Set Up Move:Often gooses opponents to get them to stand up straight

Finishing Move: Full Frontal
Finishing Move Description: Small Package Driver

5-10 Trademark Moves:
1. Yakuza Kick
2. Super Kick
3. Baby Ace Crusher (opponent kneeling, often after drop kick)
4. Sleeper hold with body scissors
5.Tiger Suplex Pin
6. Pele Kick
7. Dropkick from rope
8. Reverse Atomic Drop
9. Double underhook backbreaker
10. Side Effect
Other Moves:
1. A wide variety of kicks
2. Backslide
3. Armdrags
4. School boy
5. Back/Eye rake
6. Sharpshooter
7. Lung Blower
8. Russian Leg Sweep
9. Jaw breaker
10. Knee-DT
11. Chop
12. Low Blow kick
13. Crossbody
14. Keylock
15. Snap Suplex
16. Headlock takeover
17. Knee to the head
18. Kneedrop
19. Bulldog
20. Standing abdominal stretch

Johnny likes to fight smarter, not harder, and is a big proponent of controlling the pace of the match. Seemingly immune to boos, he has no problem rolling out of the ring to catch his breath, or hit on attractive members of the front row. Using the ref as a human shield or getting the official to check on "broken noses" and "loose teeth" also a standard tactic. Johnny will taunt when he feels like it's the right time, namely when he's just done something big. He likes to invite cheering, often regardless of the mood of the crowd.

Johnny's ground game is an extension of his fight smarter persona. Stomps are a big go to, dragging his boot across an opponents face, heels right to the gut and eyebrow. Johnny will use a variety of simple but effective holds on a grounded opponent, usually looking to get them back to standing to set up for another throw or big kick, the front face lock being especially common. He will work the legs, being especially fond of the Knee-DT to slow down anyone who might be faster than him. He rarely punches(outside of moments of high emotion), preferring chops and kicks. Especially kicks.

Johnny has a noted tendency to bleed quicker than most. As such he is very used to the sight of his own blood; it often seems to make him redouble his efforts.


Bio/History/Past: Johnny Raike was born in 1984 in Salt Lake City, Utah to conservative Christian parents. The going theory is he was swapped at the hospital, because Johnny has never fit into that world. An early bloomer in all respects Johnny was first kicked out of the house at 13 before being forever banned at the age of 16 for sleeping with a preacher's daughter in his parents bed. His reaction? "Good thing they didn't know about the preacher's son." Johnny turned to street fighting to fill in the gaps from his days couch surfing and found a talent for it and a love of the attention it afforded him, good or bad.

Johnny's main accomplishments came in the world of Total Mayhem Wrestling, where he was a first night Hardcore champion, the East Coast champion, Total Vendetta Champion, one time holder of both tag belts, and winner of death match tournament known as the silver crown. He credits his best moment as the time he insulted the entire roster in two sentences or less. He's worked for FGA Wrestling, HKW, and EWC in the last year, as well as guest appearances, but it is warped that he considers his true home.

WARPED Awards: None
Other Fed Awards: None
Other Feds Worked For: TMW, FGA, HKW, EWC

Specialty Match: Falls Count Anywhere


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