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WARPED Wrestling operates as an independent wrestling organization based in Japan.

We have a loose schedule of about 2-3 shows per month, usually 2 weeks apart(with some exceptions). Due to not having a TV deal, our days and times for shows can change from time to time, allowing a flexible booking schedule for someone who might not have time for a weekly eFed. More so, we offer you the option to join as a full time roster member or as a guest star where you can pick and choose periodic dates to wrestle on shows. Unlike most wrestling feds, we run Seasons. Most seasons will span from January to October.

In February 2010, WARPED started with nothing, running shows in buildings with as few as a couple dozen fans. We don't have an elaborate production value, stage with pyro, and we typically run shows in armory buildings, gymnasiums, etc. As the years have progressed, WARPED has grown. As of 2014, we were primarily running buildings with 2000-5000 capacity on average. Our biggest house to date was nearly 12,000, a sold out crowd at Cobo Center in Detroit, MI. Its the absolute truth when we say that we're starting from the bottom and working our way to the top. No cutting corners. No TV or PPV deal. No big money production. We're grass roots, and its a gradual growth, which many of our members appreciate for the realistic feel. Perhaps you'll enjoy the same?

Roleplay Fed
WARPED is a Roleplay fed. There is a 2 roleplay maximum for each show. Roleplays are judged on quality over quantity. I will be looking for relevance (to the fed, to the match) as well as story.
Remember, we're an indy fed with very little advertisement outside of word of mouth and the little help we can get, so it is YOUR job as the performer to push the upcoming event and make fans want to buy a ticket.
Things like in-card segments and strats are highly encouraged and, in some instances, could sway the result of a match if the roleplays come close.

Live Events, DVD's, USB Wristband, iPPV/Streaming
Our shows are taped for DVD release as well as digital download. After each show, the fans are given the option to purchase a USB wrist band to take with them of the night's show. For a slightly increased price and value, fans can also purchase the DVD of the event (with possible bonus content) via the WARPED website. You can find past shows in the archives / DVD store link on the website. Some special shows are Supercards / Internet PPV's (iPPV), and are streamed online LIVE via uStream.

Another factor that WARPED has to take into consideration - the cost of flying in talent, booking their hotels, cars, etc. Our current 2014 schedule model involves state-wide tours. This new concept allows WARPED to partner with certain businesses in the states we tour, giving wrestlers discounts on hotel stays, car rentals, food and more. If you are full time or part time, please keep an eye on the schedule and let us know ahead of time if your character has a booking elsewhere on a certain date.

As far as our ring and stage set up goes... We started out with the bare minimum. In 2010, the ring was the worst possible thing to take bumps on. The entrance stage was not a stage, it was a curtain. 2012, we upgraded to a slightly better entrance area, with a small black ramp and a metal structure about the width of two regular doors, along with a flatscreen TV that served as somewhat of a 'titantron' screen. Nothing big. In 2013, we got a more professional looking entrance area, complete with a larger video screen which we call WARPEDVision. Wrestlers still can't have pyro when they come out, mostly due to the fact that we might burn down the building, but the lighting and WARPEDVision has definitely made the environment of WARPED a little more high class looking. Besides, we burn down the building with our wrestling, not our pyro displays. Oh, and the ring is far better than it was in 2010.

Social Media:Twitter
WARPED is very active on Twitter @ThisIsWARPED. We encourage our members to jump on the Twitter bandwagon if you've yet to do so, as it is a great place to communicate (in character, as your character) with other talent. You'll find many of our members are already there, and its great for beginning or continuing storylines, or even just tweeting for your character doing day to day things that wouldn't necessarily come up in a roleplay. Also, sometimes there might be updates and announcements made on Twitter before anywhere else!

WARPED is a great choice for any eWrestler who wants to have some fun and roleplay, but not have too much of his or her time taken up while doing so. With the way our schedule is structured, you'll often have 10 or more days to roleplay for a show. Also, WARPED is great for someone who wants to join a second fed, because we won't add to much more work for you as opposed to another fed that runs a weekly show.

The owner of the fed has over 12 years of experience in eWrestling and is very hands-on when it comes to working with talent whether it be about storylines or just anything that's on their mind.

Innovation. WARPED offers things you won't find anywhere else. From our DVD releases, Twitter presence, the entire indy concept, as well as a special section called "Reactions" that gives you an instant opportunity to speak your mind regarding a news story or recent match or anything; WARPED is constantly innovating.


Don't have time to be a full-time roster member? That's FINE! You can submit your application and state that you'd like to be a part-time "Guest Star" roster member and we can easily book you for a certain show if you'd like. And if you decide you want to be on the full-time roster afterward, that's great!

When applying, be sure you fill in everything. That'll help speed up the process.

If you have any questions, ever, about anything, or have an issue you'd like to have worked out, please contact the staff of WARPED for help. - We're here for you and to make this the most fun possible. Thanks for reading!
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Want to Guest Star? - If you're interested in joining WARPED but don't have the time to commit full-time right now, then you can sign up as a GUEST STAR! Just let us know in the application.

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[b]Ring Name:[/b]
[b]Real Name:[/b]
[b]Pro Debut:[/b]
[b]Entrance Music:[/b]
[b]Ring Entrance:[/b][in detail, and remember we have no budget for pyro]


[b]Wrestling Style:[/b]
[b]Finishing Move:[/b]
[b] Finishing Move Description:[/b]

[b]Alternate Finish:[/b]
[b]Alternate Finish Description:[/b]

[b]Set Up Move(s):[/b]
[b]5-10 Trademark Moves:[/b]

[b]Other Moves:[/b]

[b]Specialty Match:[/b]

[b]Preferred Weapon:[/b]
Tell us a little about your character.

[b]Past Fed Awards:[/b]
[b]Recent Fed History:[/b]
[b]Twitter:[/b] Follow @ThisIsWARPED
[b]Manager:[/b] (if so, provide details)

[b]Pic Base:[/b] (please provide link and name/info)
[b]Sample Roleplay:[/b]
Want to sign up as a Tag Team? Please fill out 2 singles applications and this Tag Application in separate threads.

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[b]Team Name: [/b]
[b]Members Names: [/b]
[b]Combined Weight:[/b] 
[b]Wrestling Style: [/b]
[b]Entrance Music:[/b]
[b]Ring Entrance:[/b]
[b]Title History:[/b]
[b]Finishing Move:[/b] 
[b]Description: [/b]
[b]Set Up: [/b]
[b]Trademark Moves:[/b]
[b]Further Info:[/b]