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4:32 PM - Nov 05, 2016 #1

A camera is set up near the EXIT for the WRPD wrestlers and Total J Cup participants.. a sign is placed "Leave Your Reactions" based on tonight's event.

Likewise, you can leave REACTIONS shot from your own cameras and such. This is IN CHARACTER
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12:02 PM - Nov 13, 2016 #2

The following was recorded immediately after Mr. Rottentreats’ WRPD WRLD Heavyweight Championship loss to Cameron MacNichol.

Mr. Rottentreats falls through the curtain and to both knees; battered and defeated. The click-clack of high heels disrupts what was sure to be a post-match outburst. Inhaling a deep breath, he looks up at long-time WRPD Backstage correspondent Kelly Calloway; his face caked in dried blood and smeared face paint. The former clown calmly rises to his feet. Calmer than someone should be whom just had their body taken beyond its limits in an F’nX match, losing the WRPD WRLD Heavyweight championship to Cameron MacNichol in the process.

Kelly Calloway: “Mr. Rot…”

The WARPED Original pierces Kelly Calloway with a pointed look; placing his sweaty, blood caked left index finger on her lips.

Mr. Rottentreats: “…who?”

Kelly Calloway rolls her eyes while moving the finger of the now former WRPD World Heavyweight Champion.

Kelly Calloway: “Ghoul, you ju…”

Once again the former Mr. Rottentreats interrupts.

Ghoul: “I just what?”

Kelly Calloway: “You just lost the WRPD World Heavyweight Championship to Cameron MacNichol in a F’nX war of attrition.”

GWNN drops his blood and smeared paint covered chin to his chest; seemingly gutted.

Ghoul: “Yea? And?”

Kelly Calloway contorts her face in confusion.

Kelly Calloway: “Where do you go from here?”

A chortle escapes the crimson covered WARPED Original.

Ghoul: “Home.”

The Ghoul With No Name pushes past the veteran WRPD Backstage Correspondent; leaving her to silently speculate.