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3:49 PM - Jun 23, 2016 #1

A camera is set up near the EXIT for the WRPD wrestlers and Total J Cup participants.. a sign is placed "Leave Your Reactions" based on tonight's event.

Likewise, you can leave REACTIONS shot from your own cameras and such. This is IN CHARACTER
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1:24 PM - Jun 28, 2016 #2

A muffled slow clap interrupts the white noise; followed by the familiar chuckle laced voice of Mr. Rottentreats.

“Never mind the bollocks…”

The familiar site of lime plaid and face paint enters the frame; Mr. Rottentreats points to himself. Adjusting the crown atop his head; he continues.

“…here’s the Whole Fuckin’ Sideshow!”

A grin creeps upon the Triple Crown Clown’s painted face.

“If there is any doubt in anyone’s mind. Be it, the WARPED Faithful, current or past Total J Cup participants. Mr. Rottentreats is in it to win it! It was fun, Terry McKenna.”

The clown taps his right gloved index finger on the crown.

“It was fun proving that WARPED Rasslin’ is where true royalty resides in the world of Professional Rasslin’. As for GRENDEL. Let it be! You’re just not good enough, tall guy!”

Treats unbuttons his lime plaid sports coat; revealing the WARPED World Heavyweight Championship. The Wicked Clown Of WARPED begins pacing in a counter clockwise circle.

“At least you weren’t at One Oh Four. I’m ready for whoever is next. Whether it’s a World Title Match up, Total J Cup, or Super Falcon Cup. Preferably the Evolution championship. She’s starting to feel neglected. And let’s face it, those matches are where I truly shine.”

Deadpan, Treats finishes.

“It's Raining Diamonds, muthafackos. That's great for me and horrible for the rest of ya.”